When you live in a house filled with cats, dogs, and a kid, two things are certain. The first: you’ll have a lot of love and someone to cuddle every moment of the day. The second: you’ll have a lot of messes and something to clean up every moment of the day! It’s amazing, the amount of fur a cat can lose and still not be bald, or the sheer amount of crumbs that your kid can leave under your computer keyboard after a Minecraft gaming session. My mom, who lives with us, vacuums like a fiend (she has a weird addiction to vacuum cleaners), but seriously, who wants to break out the big guy for every little mess? That’s where the BESTEK Pro-Cyclone Rocket Vacuum really comes in handy (pun totally intended). They sent me one to try out so I can tell you all about it!

Clean Cobwebs, Cars & Corners in a Flash With the BESTEK Pro-Cyclone

*As mentioned above, I received this product free in exchange for an honest review. This post may also contain affiliate links.

The Fast & Easy Way to Clean Cobwebs, Cars, & Corners!

There are quite a few spots in my house (and one outside) that are seriously a pain to clean with a standard full-size vacuum. These include the corners, my stone fireplace, and my car, not to mention all the little spots that get covered with crumbs and crud (like under my keyboard!). Even with all the fancy attachments, it takes forever to clean up these areas when I have to lug around a huge beast. The BESTEK Pro-Cyclone Rocket Vacuum makes quick work of all of these spots.

Don’t let its compact size fool you, the BESTEK Pro-Cyclone may be small, but it’s definitely mighty! This baby can suck up even the most stubborn cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling without batting an eye. Trust me, I know. I am embarrassed to admit that there are corners that haven’t seen a vacuum in ages. They’re clean now, though, and I can keep them that way without exerting too much energy. Hey, I work all day, the last thing I want to do is spend the whole night cleaning cobwebs!

The Fast & Easy Way to Clean Cobwebs, Cars, & Corners!

Onto my fireplace! We have a wood stove in our dining room with a huge natural stone wall surrounding it. It seems to attract my cats’ hair like a magnet, along with other dirt and grime. I’m also not entirely convinced that spiders don’t live in it. While I’ve never seen one come out of it, doesn’t it just look like the perfect hiding place for creepy crawlies? Getting a regular vacuum close enough to reach all those nooks and crannies with an attachment is a total chore. My BESTEK vacuum, though, can reach every last spot. Since it’s cordless I can take it outside to clean my car! I’m absolutely not giving you pictures of that because my car is 14 years old, ugly, and a total disaster. It’s going to take more than one cleaning to get it under control, but it’s easy to do in short bursts with my Pro-Cyclone.

If you have a bad back like I do, you’ll appreciate how lightweight the Pro-Cyclone is. I can hold it up in the air long enough to reach all of the cobwebs. I’m a relatively short person, so I usually have to extend my arm all the way out from my body with an attachment to reach the ceiling. Sometimes, I even have to hold the vacuum up off the ground with the other hand. Not exactly a great thing for someone with back issues! The Pro-Cyclone comes with multiple attachments that stack onto each other, so you can reach all the way to the ceiling without breaking your arm.

The Fast & Easy Way to Clean Cobwebs, Cars, & Corners!

The vacuum comes completely apart so you can clean our everything from the collection chamber to the filter. While it doesn’t have any little hooks or anything to store all of the attachments on the vacuum itself, the box is small enough that you can put everything back inside to stick in your closet when you’re done. The ONLY thing that I think could be improved is the way you have to take everything apart to empty the collection chamber. Honestly, though, it’s not that big of a deal. It takes an extra few seconds. Just remember the order that you took everything apart and you’ll be fine. Even if you don’t, it’s pretty easy to figure out where everything goes.

Grab your BESTEK Pro-Cyclone Rocket Vacuum on the BESTEK Mall website or on Amazon and stop struggling to clean your cobwebs, cars, and corners! Don’t miss my review of the BESTEK Pressure Cooker! I use that baby at least three times a week and love it so much!

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The Fast & Easy Way to Clean Cobwebs, Cars, & Corners!

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Which areas of your house are the hardest to clean? Tell me all about your vacuuming woes below!