Notice anything different in your grocery store’s coffee aisle? I have! There’s an entire line of infused coffee from Eight O’Clock! Just what is the deal with this new trend? Should you be buying infused coffees? How do they taste? Since I’m fascinated by all things coffee, I had to find out the answer to all of those questions!


* Eight O’Clock Coffee sent me all 5 of their infused blends to try out, but as always, all opinions are my own. 🙂 Oh, and I also want to mention that all opinions about potential benefits of infused coffee are also my own. Eight O’Clock doesn’t make any claims regarding the ingredients.

What's the Deal With Infused Coffees?

What's the Deal With Infused Coffees?

First things first: what exactly are infused coffees? That’s pretty easy to answer, since they are exactly what they sound like: coffee that has been infused with different vitamins, herbs, and other supplement-type ingredients. Makes sense, right? Eight O’Clock currently offers 5 different Infusions:

  • B6 Metabolism, infused with B6 vitamin
  • Acai Glow, infused with Acai Berry
  • Super Spice, infused with turmeric and cinnamon
  • Alert Hi Caffeine, with added caffeine and guarana
  • Relax Decaf with Lavender and Chamomile

The first three are brand new to the infused coffee scene. The last two debuted last fall. You should be able to find all of them in your coffee aisle. Now that we know what they are, let’s talk about WHY they’re awesome and HOW they taste!

Why infused coffees?

Short answer, why not? You’re already drinking coffee, why not grab one that has a little something extra to it? Did you know that 70% of Americans want enhanced beverages and are actually looking for these enhancements in their coffee? A Datassential Buzz survey also claimed 59% of people said they would drink coffee more often at later times of day if it offered additional benefits. Honestly, I was already drinking coffee until well into the afternoon, so the added benefits are just that…added benefits.

For me, the vitamin-infused coffees are definitely the most beneficial. I really try to remember to take my vitamins every day but honestly, I forget more often than not. I never, ever, ever forget to drink coffee, though! I start my day with the B-6 Metabolism blend because I know I’m not getting nearly enough B6 in my diet. Did you know that B6 is involved in more body functions than pretty much any other vitamin? True story! It’s involved in everything from helping you make antibodies to making sure your brain functions properly. While the other infused ingredients aren’t quite as vital to your existence, they do each have their own unique potential benefits.

What's the Deal With Infused Coffees?

Acai, for example, is touted as being a powerhouse of a berry, great for everything from improving your skin to lowering your cholesterol. Turmeric and cinnamon are often used as part of an alternative medicine pain management regimen. Guarana is often used to boost energy and stave off brain fog. Just about everyone has heard that lavender and chamomile can help you relax.

I think this is a good time to note that if you are on medications for existing conditions, or have any issues like liver, kidney, or heart disease, you should talk to your doctor before drinking infused coffees (or taking any of these herbs and supplements in any form). Guarana, in particular, is not good for people with heart conditions, diabetes, and other medical issues. There’s actually a warning on the side of the Hi Caffeine bag in case you need a reminder.

How do they taste?

Short answer: like coffee! At least, the Eight O’Clock Infusions do. I can’t speak for all infused coffees. I did try another brand recently and while the flavor was good, it did leave a bit of a filmy residue. I don’t get that at all with Eight O’Clock Infusions. To me, they all taste like coffee in various “strengths.” The only one that has a hint of flavor to it is the Super Spice, and I’m not sure if I’m imagining that because I expect it to have a cinnamon hint, or if it really does.

What's the Deal With Infused Coffees?

Even though I start my day with B6 Metabolism (a dark roast), my favorite is Acai Glow (medium roast). Even though it’s a lighter roast than the B6, to me it has the most robust coffee flavor. Don’t get me wrong, B6 is fantastic, otherwise I wouldn’t drink it every day! I just really love the overall taste of Acai Glow.

Super Spice is another favorite because, like I said, I swear I can taste a hint of the cinnamon. It’s not overwhelming. I wouldn’t call it a flavored coffee. It’s just a hint, just enough to satisfy my craving for something a little different. I only drink the Hi Caffeine blend on days that I’m really dragging. While it doesn’t give me the jitters at all (my cells are so used to be soaked in caffeine, lol), you might want to start with a small cup to make sure you can handle it.

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t tried the Relax Infusion yet. I don’t really drink decaf coffee. Now that we’re heading into colder days, though, I’ll try to let go of my decaf bias and try it out one evening.

Why Eight O’Clock Infusions?

Now that we know what infused coffees are and how they taste, what makes Eight O’Clock stand out in a sea of brands jumping on the infused bandwagon? Well, obviously, the fact that they taste great is important. To me, though, the fact that they don’t cost much more than the other coffees in the Eight O’Clock line really makes them stand out. I’ve seen infused coffees going for $40 a pound! A 10-oz bag of the Infusions costs the same as a 12-oz (so you’re getting just a bit less per bag), but it’s still incredibly reasonable at a MSRP of $6.99. When my grocery store has sales on Eight O’Clock coffee, the Infusions are always included. Basically, you’re not going to break the bank if you decide you want to try them out, or be out a small fortune if you do happen to decide they’re just not your thing.

I’ll definitely continue to buy Eight O’Clock Infusions once my samples run out, especially the B6 Metabolism and the Acai Glow blends! Check out all the blends and find out where to buy them on the Eight O’Clock website!

Have you tried Eight O’Clock Infusions yet? What are your favorite blends?