Looking for ways to save money on everything from fashion and beauty to cute home decor? I partnered with Light in the Box to show you how much you can get with less than $100!

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!


With Christmas just around the corner (trust me, it’s closer than you think), now is the time to start planning your shopping. Even if you’re not quite ready to start buying gifts, you’ll save loads of time and money when the height of the season arrives by doing a little research ahead of time. I like to plan out a few sites that I’ll shop from and get some ideas down on a list, then feel out my recipients to really narrow it down. I also like to get myself a little something special because, honestly, once the holiday season starts up, I won’t have any extra money to spend on my own wants and needs.

After the bills, my son’s wants and needs come first, followed by my pets. I’m usually somewhere at the bottom of the list, which means the bottom of the budget! That’s one of the reasons I was so happy to see the prices when I started browsing Light in the Box! Check out what I got for just $80 total!

What $80 Buys at Light in the Box

First, let me say that when you arrive at the Light in the Box website, it’s easy to get crazy overwhelmed by the sheer volume of low-prices goodies that they have for every aspect of your life. I spent a good two hours just browsing and trying to decide what to get. I wanted to get something for my home, my pets, and myself. Here’s what I came away with:

Makeup Galore!

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!

Oh my gosh, you wouldn’t believe the makeup you’ll find at Light in the Box! As a makeup addict, I felt like a kid in the candy store. I have a major thing for eye and lip makeup. It’s hard for me to buy face makeup (like foundation, powders, etc) without seeing the product in person, since my skin is so fair, but just about anything goes for me with eyes and lips. I grabbed a liquid eyeliner, some lip crayons, eyeliner crayons, and a pack of different eyeliners with sharpeners attached to each one. All together, I got 37 different liners, crayons, etc for just around $22.

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!

My favorite of the bunch is the package of eye crayons. The colors are gorgeous and really stand out. If you want something a little more subtle, though, the eyeliners with sharpeners aren’t quite as bold unless you really layer them up. One thing I love about that particular pack, though, is that each eyeliner is dual-sided and comes with a color on one end and black on the other. So, basically, you’ll never run out of black eyeliner again.

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!

However, when I want black eyeliner with staying power, I grab the liquid liner. This stuff does not come off until you take it off with makeup remover. Plus, the point is more like a fine-point pen, making it easier to control where it goes. FYI, that’s an eye that I tried to draw on my arm. Don’t make fun of my bad drawing skills!

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!

The lip crayons come in a variety of red, from pink to a deeper purple-like shade. I like to use them to cover my entire lips before putting on regular lipstick, that way when the regular lipstick wears off I still have some color.

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!

Bags like you wouldn’t believe

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!

If you think the makeup section is huge, wait until you see the bags! I didn’t really NEED a new purse, but I kind of wanted one. I’ve never been a purse and shoes kind of girl, but I do like to switch things up every few months. Since fall is here and winter is coming, I wanted a color that went with both seasons. I got this one because I just love the color. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting such a great purse for under $20 (it’s just $16.99). I’ve bought my share of lemons when it comes to cheap purses.

I love this bag so much! It has a TON of pockets (like 4 on the outside, plus at least one in the main compartment) and is super roomy. The fabric is easy to wipe clean, which is a must since my dogs are always jumping on me with dirty feet when I try to get out the front door. The zipper pulls are made of sturdy metal and don’t feel like they’re going to fall off with the first good tug. I got it in Violet, but it also comes in a gorgeous pink, navy blue, or plain black.

Cute home decor

If you’re looking for a cheap way to give your home decor a bit of a face lift, you’ll find plenty of options. I love wall decals because I can easily remove them and toss them when I want to change things up. While they’re technically reusable, they’re cheap enough that I don’t feel bad chucking them when I’ve had enough of a particular look. That way, I don’t have to find room in my already cluttered house for decor items that I’ve grown bored of.

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!

Since we’re a cat-loving family, I grabbed this sweet cat wall sticker for just about $6 to put in my living room. I did end up with a couple small wrinkles as I applied it, but that was my fault. You can’t really see them if you’re looking at the decal in my normal living room lighting. I also grabbed some owl wall stickers, but they’re in my bedroom, which is a complete disaster area and has virtually no light. I like it that way. Not the disaster area part, but the lack of lighting. Light in the Box has over 5,000 wall stickers, all at prices significantly cheaper than you’d find in home decor store.

Fun Stuff for Your Pet

What does $80 buy you at Light in the Box? A whole lot of goodies! Check it out!

The last thing I grabbed is, unfortunately, out of stock right now. I still wanted to share it with you because it’s so cute. Alex the Fuzz is loving his new cat house! He moved in the moment I set it up and won’t let any of the other cats have a turn.

So, what can you buy with under $100 at Light in the Box? Turns out, quite a bit! They have thousands upon thousands of items across every category. Shipping does take a bit longer because it’s coming from overseas, so make sure you keep that in mind if you’re going to do holiday shopping. You have plenty of time, but I wouldn’t cut it any close than the first week of December to be safe. You do have to pay for shipping, and it’s definitely a bit more than the cost of shipping from a US store, but honestly, even with that cost you’re still saving a boat load of money.

Head over to Light in the Box to see all the categories and great stuff they have. Follow them on Twitter to keep up with news!








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