Have you heard of AppSumo’s latest ongoing deal? It’s called Briefcase and it’s crazy awesome. Bottom line: it rolls over $1,000/month worth of products into one neat little $49/month subscription.

10 Crazy Useful Products for Bloggers Included in AppSumo's Briefcase

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The included product list is huge and it keeps on growing (they recently added 6 more services). If you’re a marketer or sell products on your page, this deal is a must-have. What if you’re just a regular blogger like me, though, and don’t really need things like ecommerce solutions and what not. Don’t worry, there is still more than enough in Briefcase to make spending the $49 a month a no-brainer.

What’s Useful for Bloggers in AppSumo’s Briefcase

  1. $20 in AppSumo credit each month: Every month, you’ll get $20 in AppSumo credit to use on something that isn’t included in the Briefcase. This is a “use it or lose it” thing, but honestly, I see something I want on AppSumo every week. Most deals average between $39 and $49.
  2. Stencil: I wrote about this back when AppSumo did the lifetime deal. It doesn’t replace PicMonkey for me, but I use it extensively for making up quick quotes and simple graphics. The unlimited plan usually costs $18 a month.
  3. Linklay: Let’s you easily make shoppable images. Basically, you can make an image with, say, 5 products in it, then hyperlink each image to the product page. While you can do this in other editing programs, Linklay takes the hassle out of it. Retails for $34 a month.
  4. SE Ranking: Cloud-based software that contains most standard SEO tools plus lots of special features. One feature includes competitor SEO research. Retails for $7 a month.
  5. Missinglettr: Creates a years worth of social media content for you on its own. You then just approve the content and send it out! This is great for bloggers who forget to promote and repromote their content. You get the Small Team Plan, which retails for $69 a month. Basically, if you JUST use this, you’ve gotten your $49 worth.
  6. Slideshop: A library of 16,000+  presentation deck templates, perfect for turning your blog post into a slide show video!  Retails for $49/month
  7. PromoRepublic: Another cool social media creation service. This one has like a bazillion templates that you can just tweak and send or save for later. $29/month value
  8. EpicBeat: So, this is a pretty cool site that I didn’t know about. If you plug in a phrase or keyword (coffee recipes, for example), it will bring back a bunch of trending results. In the free version, you can only see the last 3 days. With the paid version, you can go back a year, look at content insights, and so on. Retails for $49/month for the Plus Plan that you get with Briefcase.
  9. Beacon: If you want to whip together a quick ebook to give to your followers, this will let you do it. For professional books that you plan to sell (and especially for fiction), I do recommend going with someone who understands the ins and outs of formatting and cover design (my mom does it for a living and it’s a lot more involved than just running a program and calling it a day). Retails for $29/month.
  10. Airstory: I am trying out the free version of Airstory and I really love the interface. While it’s optimized for teams (you can share pretty much every idea under the sun with it), it really is cool for solo bloggers too. I love how it organizes my thoughts into pretty tables. Kind of like Trello, but with more features. You get the 20 Project Plan, which retails for $89/month.

10 Crazy Useful Products for Bloggers Included in AppSumo's Briefcase

Each of these 10 items in the Briefcase is something I could actually see myself using often enough to make it worth the $49 price tag. Using these 10 services outside of Briefcase would come to $393 a month, so you’re saving close to $350 right off the bat. Totally worth it, right? If you end up not using the tools as much as you thought you would, you can cancel at any time.

Check out all of the Briefcase features here!