When Jake was little, I always thought it would be fun to wear themed Halloween costumes together. Unfortunately, the idea struck like two days before Halloween and I never ended up following through with it. Now he’s decided he’s too old for trick or treating and I lost my chance. If the idea of dressing up the whole family in matching costumes is something you’ve always wanted to do, make this the year you do it! Kids grow up crazy fast!

How cute are these Halloween costume ideas for families? Check them out and find out where to get them!

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This Halloween, show the neighborhood you’re the most festive family on the block. Whether you’re spooky or silly, Chasing Fireflies offers a wide selection of the best group costumes to celebrate Halloween. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

5 Fab Family Halloween Costumes

Pirate Costumes

Set sail in pirate costumes for the whole family. With fun accessories like pirate hats, gold hoop earrings, and swords, your crew will hit the streets in style come Halloween.


Retro Baseball Costumes

America’s favorite pastime just became your family’s favorite Halloween theme. Personalize with names to hit these costumes out of the park and make it a winning night.


Medieval Lord Costumes

Step into the world of stone castles and nobility in these costumes. The whole family will rule the neighborhood in lavish capes and gowns.


Sock Monkey Family

5 Insanely Adorable Family Halloween Costumes from Chasing Fireflies

Knock everyone’s socks off with this clever family Halloween costume idea inspired by everyone’s favorite stuffed sock creature!

Southern Bell Mother/Daughter Costumes

5 Insanely Adorable Family Halloween Costumes from Chasing Fireflies

How cute is this for a mom and daughter matching costume? You’ll be the belles of the masquerade ball!

Chasing Fireflies has a ton of super cute Halloween costume ideas for everyone in the family, included licensed costumes from Disney & Marvel! The costumes are “dress-up” quality, meaning your kids can wear them over and over again during imaginative play time. They’re absolutely gorgeous! Check them out and find your family’s perfect group Halloween costume!