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We are huge animal lovers in my family, so our trips always include some way to see local wildlife. In that spirit, I've created an animal lover's guide to Colorado Springs. Let's check it out!

I love planning a vacation, don’t you? I spend hours planning the perfect itinerary for places that I want to visit. Colorado is at the top of my travel bucket list, especially since I was born there! True story! My mom was living with my grandparents at the time, and my Pop worked in Denver. He changed jobs right after I was born, so while I spent two months of my life there, I obviously don’t remember them. I dream of going back and seeing the first state that I stepped foot in. Literally. I was born feet first! While I’d love to see Denver, since I was born at a hospital in the heart of the city, I really want to head to Colorado Springs. I’ve heard so many great things about it, and I already have the perfect itinerary in mind!

We are huge animal lovers in my family, so our trips always include some way to see local wildlife. In that spirit, I’ve created an animal lover’s guide to Colorado Springs. Let’s check it out!

5 Places all Animal Lovers Need to Visit in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is surrounded by nature. From dense, rich forests to wide-open plains, there are plenty of places to spot stunning animals in their natural habitat!

1. Cheyenne Mountain State Park

In Cheyenne Mountain State Park, it’s not unusual to see prairie dogs scurrying along the trails! If you go at the right time, you might even see a Red Fox! The park is also the perfect place to grab a pair of binoculars and sit peacefully watching birds in the trees. The park is open year-round and features over 21 miles of hiking and biking trails. If you love camping, hunker down at one of their 41 campsites!

An Animal Lover's Guide to Colorado Springs


2. Mueller State Park

Itching to see some Elk? Head over to Mueller State Park, a 5,000-acre park that’s best known for watching elk, black bears, hawks, and mule deer. Again, you can pitch a tent and spend the night in the park if you want. As for me, I’d rent one of their cabins or yurts (I have no idea what a yurt is, but I really want to stay in one just so I can say I did!). Sorry, I’m not a tent kind of gal! The campground is gorgeous, with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

3.Arkansas River Region

If you want to see Colorado’s official state mammal, this is the place to be! The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep is known to roam the cliff sides near the water! Adventure seekers can hop in a raft for a trek down the river!

Bighorn Sheep

4.  Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center

An absolute MUST visit for animal lovers, especially if you really love prehistoric animals! Did you know that the fossil of a totally new dinosaur was found in the park? It’s called Theiophytalia kerri, after the professor who discovered it. From the visitor center, you can hop on a Jeep tour to get a close-up look at the Garden of the Gods park. This is also a good place to stop for lunch! Step into their glass-enclosed cafe and enjoy one of the most famous Colorado views as you dine: Pikes Peak!

An Animal Lover's Guide to Colorado Springs

5. Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience

Craving more prehistoric animal action? The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience is the perfect spot to see what these incredible beasts looked like in action! Check out dino animatronics, take a walk on the wild side through their Wild Walk exhibit, and try your hands (and feet) on their multi-story rope courses!

An Animal Lover's Guide to Colorado Springs

While these five must-visit places for animal lovers are at the top of my Colorado Springs experience itinerary, there are SO many other places to see wildlife from both now and then. To view exotic animals from around the world, visit Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Colorado Springs is rich with fossils, so you might even spot one while walking around one of their many parks such as Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument! If your idea of an animal-lover trip includes your own furry friend, you’ll be pleased to know that there are dozens of fun places that gladly welcome Fido.

You really can’t beat the views at Colorado Springs! Now is the perfect time to visit, too. Most families plan trips in summer and during winter break, so beat the crowds and plan a fun getaway today! Check out the Colorado Springs CVB website to learn more about all the amazing things to do in the area. Follow them on YouTube and Instagram for more inspiration!

What would your perfect Colorado Springs itinerary include? Tell me below!