Looking for a fabulous new wet cat food that will satisfy your kitty’s cravings for something a little outside the norm? My cats went wild for Tiki Cat After Dark! This grain-free canned cat food puts the fun back into mealtime! Let’s check it out!

Satisfy Your Cat's Craving for Something New with Tiki Cat After Dark

I have a bit of a conundrum lately. I firmly believe that wet food should be a cat’s primary food source, but lately my kitties have been snubbing everything we give them! Up until a few weeks ago, they ate their wet food for breakfast and dinner without issue, then grazed on high-quality dry food throughout the day. Then all of the sudden, we noticed that they were leaving behind more and more of their wet food. While that’s good news for the ferals, who get their leftovers, it was bad news for both my budget and my cat’s digestive system.

Satisfy Your Cat's Craving for Something New with Tiki Cat After Dark

While Alex and Zoe don’t have issues with dry food,  Willow NEEDS wet food to keep from getting constipated! I’m not talking just a little backed up, either. I’m talking visits to the vet (and a lot of $$$) to get her unconstipated. I’ll spare you the graphic details. The point is, wet food isn’t just an “extra” or a luxury for my cats, it’s a necessity. Getting them back into the groove of eating required something fresh (both figuratively and literally) and new to get them excited again. Enter Tiki Cat After Dark.

What Makes Tiki Cat After Dark Special?

*Heads up, as a Chewy Influencer, I received a 12-pack variety pack in exchange for my honest opinion. I only choose and share pets foods that I feel are high-quality.

Satisfy Your Cat's Craving for Something New with Tiki Cat After Dark

With picky cats like mine, I rotate their food frequently…especially their wet food. I try to keep things interesting for them! After all, would you want to eat the same thing for every meal every day? To me, it’s the quality of the ingredients that count the most. To them, of course, it’s the flavor. Tiki Cat After Dark satisfies both my high standards for wet cat food and their insane standards for flavor. Our favorite features include:

  • Totally new and exciting flavors! Tiki Cat After Dark variety pack comes with some “traditional” recipes, like Chicken & Beef, but it also introduces new flavor combinations to my cats with recipes such as Chicken & Quail or Chicken & Duck.
  • Supports overall health & your cat’s immune system with high-protein, low-carb recipes
  • The high moisture content is fabulous for cats who don’t drink enough water (which is pretty much most cats). When you shake an unopened can, it does feel like it will be watery. Don’t worry though, the “water” is like a gravy. Zoe actually likes to lick the “broth” first, then eat the food.
  • Recipes are designed to mimic your cat’s natural prey.
  • Gorgeous packaging! I know this isn’t important to you or your cat, but the colors made me happy. Little things, my friends, little things made the world brighter.

Of course, Tiki Cat After Dark is made with the highest quality grain-free ingredients, like real chicken, including gizzards, livers and hearts, which sounds gross to me but my cats love it. Note that it is NOT “gizzards, lizards, and hearts.” The distinction is important, lol. My mom looked at me funny when I said that. Hey, you try saying gizzards and livers five times fast and see what comes out of your mouth!



Satisfy Your Cat's Craving for Something New with Tiki Cat After Dark

All three of my cats devoured their bowls of Tiki Cat After Dark. Even finicky Zoe finished it! She loved the Chicken and Quail the most. It’s a sophisticated flavor for a SophistiCat like her. 😀

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