You probably know that all of the gifts in the 12 days of Christmas add up to 364 presents. Anyone who can do basic math knows that! You might even know that it takes about 15 years for a Christmas tree to reach its “selling” height! I’m betting, however, that you didn’t know these 25 crazy cool Christmas facts that I’m about to share! Check them out and wow your friends with your deep knowledge of Christmas trivia!

Bet you didn't know these 25 crazy cool Christmas facts! Check them out and wow your friends with your deep knowledge of Christmas trivia!

25 Christmas Facts That Will Wow Your Friends

*Some of the facts below come from National Geographic Kids Weird but True! Christmas. I received a complimentary copy of the book. This post also contains affiliate links.

Weird but true Christmas facts

1. One of the most iconic holiday songs of all time was actually written during a heat wave! Yep, I’m talking about “The Christmas Song.” You might also know it as “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.”


2. Think your family has some strange food traditions? Unless you live in certain parts of South Africa,  I bet you don’t snack on deep-fried caterpillars! I was going to share a picture or video, but honestly, they turned my tummy. I’m a picky eater and while I know that bugs are technically very nutritious, they’ll never make it onto my menu.

3. Santa’s reindeer may have boy names, but only female adult reindeer have antlers in December. Yep, that means Santa relies on girl power to deliver gifts around the world!

Cool facts about Christmas

4. Say what? Sugar plums aren’t actually plums?!? I have NO idea that they were actually nuts dipped in sugar. Of course, if you search the web for sugar plum recipes, you’ll find a ton of people who didn’t know this. Instead, check out this article to find out the seedy truth about sugar plums! If you want to try making your own, this recipe seems authentic.

5. In the category of “you can…but should you?”, did you know that you can buy candy canes in weird flavors like pickles, bacon, and gravy? Again, you CAN. I don’t think I would, but here are a few to try if you’re curious.

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6.More girl power: it was an American WOMAN who set the record for chopping down the most Christmas trees in 2 minutes. She chopped down a whopping 27 trees! I think it would take me an hour just to chop down one! We usually either go with a fake tree or buy from a local nursery, but if you’re feeling adventurous and want to find your own, check out this guide from the Forest Service.

7. I must be doing something wrong. The average person only spends an average of 19 hours doing their holiday shopping throughout the season. It takes me that long just to research what I’m thinking about buying! If you’re having a hard time deciding what to buy everyone, check out my 2017 holiday gift guide (see how smoothly I worked that in?).

8. It took 1,800 pounds of butter and 22,000 pieces of candy to make the world’s largest Gingerbread house! The finished product stood at 2 stories tall and was built in Bryan, Texas. MY record for a gingerbread creation? About three inches tall, with one side, and shaped like a little guy. With a missing foot. And a missing arm. Okay, and his head fell off. As for houses, I’ve yet to successfully get even two sides to stick together.

9. If you’re starting the 12 Days of Christmas in the middle of December, you’re doing it wrong. The count actually starts ON Christmas Day and runs through January 5th. HA! See, it’s totally acceptable to leave my Christmas decorations up past the New Year!

10. You know that peaceful quiet that follows a snow storm? There’s a scientific reason for it. A fresh layer of snow actually absorbs sound waves. 

Christmas facts and trivia

11. Scared of black cats crossing your path on Friday the 13th? Be happy you don’t live in Iceland, where kids have to worry about the Yule Cat coming to eat them during the holiday season! You can avoid the wrath of the Yule Cat by buying yourself a new outfit to wear before Christmas Eve. In what is probably the cruelest way to drive people to work faster, farmers used the Yule Cat threat to get their workers to process wool before the holidays. If you did your job fast enough, you got new clothes and didn’t get eaten! Check out more of the creepy side of Christmas here:

12. Reginald the Red Nosed Reindeer, had a very shiny nose! That doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? Yet that was almost Rudolph’s name. Bonus fact: I have a raccoon that comes to visit (and raid the garbage), and his name is Reginald. He’s a very distinguished coon.

13. In Japan, people eat fried chicken on Christmas. True story. When I lived there, we went out to KFC one year for our Christmas dinner. The biscuits are SO much yummier at the Japanese KFC, by the way. They’re light, fluffy, and served with honey in a little packet.

15 Crazy Cool Christmas Facts You Probably Didn't Know

14.When it comes to leaving out goodies for Santa, Sweden has the right idea! They leave him coffee! Considering the fact that he has to make like 824 million stops in one night, I think the jolly old elf would definitely appreciation the pick me up!

15. More proof that the Swedes really know how to rock Christmas: they build a giant Yule Goat every year AND the goat has its own Instagram account! Learn more about the tradition here.

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