Both “DuckTales-Woo-oo” and Tangled The Series: Queen for a Day arrive on DVD tomorrow (December 12th), just in time for the holiday season! To celebrate, I have some fun free printable activities for your kids!

DuckTales - Woo-oo! & Tangled The Series: Queen for a Day Printable Activities

DVDs make great Christmas Eve gifts because they give the kiddos something to do while waiting for Santa to arrive. After they’re done watching the movies, they can do some of these cute activities! Let’s check them out.

DuckTales- Woo-oo!

I loved DuckTales when I was a kid! I used to watch it after school every day. Now, Jake has the DVR loaded up with the latest incarnation of Disney’s series. Here’s a quick synopsis for you in case you haven’t seen it.

From defying danger to solving mysteries, chart a course for action-packed thrills with DuckTales “Woo-oo!”

The high-flying fun begins when Donald Duck reluctantly takes his mischief-making nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie to McDuck Manor, stately home of their rich, reclusive, great-uncle Scrooge McDuck. Enthralled by the exploits of their once-legendary great-uncle, the triplets and their fearless new friend Webby unwittingly unleash secret totems from Scrooge’s epic past, launching the entire family on a daring, deep-sea quest for the Lost City of Atlantis.


Grab these fun free activities!

Download DuckTales Woo-oo! Activities

Tangled The Series: Queen for a Day

The fate or Corona hangs in the balance when Rapunzel faces the ultimate test in “Queen for a Day.” When the King and Queen leave town, Rapunzel is set to lead. However, when a blizzard threatens to destroy Corona, the Princess is faced with some tough decisions. Stars Mandy Moore as Repunzel! Grab the activity sheets here:

Download Tangled The Series - Queen for a Day Activities