This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Motherhood on behalf of UPMC Health Plan. 

What if I told you there was an easy way to "visit" a doctor without leaving your home? UPMC AnywhereCare allows you to do just that! It's a total game-changer for busy moms! Keep reading to learn more about UPMC AnywhereCare!

How often have you avoided going to the doctor simply because you just can’t find the time to do so? Right now, I feel like so many of us are avoiding a trip to the doctor’s office just to avoid the chance of contracting the flu that’s been so widespread this season. If you’re anything like me, the answer is “pretty much every time I get sick!” What if I told you there was an easy way to “visit” a doctor without leaving your home? UPMC AnywhereCare allows you to do just that! It’s a total game-changer for busy moms! Keep reading to learn more about UPMC AnywhereCare, plus find out how you can enter for a chance to win a digital thermometer!

UPMC AnywhereCare: A Real Game Changer for Busy Moms!

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been to my regular doctor in almost a year, probably longer. It’s not that I haven’t been sick or in pain during that time, it’s just that he’s on the other side of town. The idea of making an appointment, getting in my car, driving over there, sitting in the waiting room for an hour, then driving back home in traffic just plain makes me anxious. I put it off until I’m so sick that I have no choice. That just makes the whole driving & waiting game even more uncomfortable!

What if you didn’t have to drive all the way to your doctor’s office or sit in a waiting room for an hour? What if you could see a highly qualified medical professional right in your own home, or even your own office? UPMC AnywhereCare lets you do just that. It’s a real-time video consultation with a quality health care provider.

The Doctor is Always in with UPMC AnywhereCare

With just the press of a few buttons, you can talk to the doctor through your video-capable mobile phone or tablet on the app. Don’t have a smartphone? No worries! UPMC AnywhereCare also has a desktop version. If you have a webcam, you can use it. The app is free to download and sign up for an account. Visits with a medical professional start at $49. If you have UPMC Health Plan, though, that cost is often lower. It’s about the same cost as a PCP co-pay.

Who can use UPMC AnywhereCare?

Anyone in the state of Pennsylvania can use UPMC AnywhereCare to see a UPMC health care provider or other providers. If you are outside of PA, you can still use the service; you’ll see doctors from Online Care Group.

While UPMC AnywhereCare is a great option for non-emergent conditions, it is not meant as a substitute for emergency medicine. That may seem like common sense, but there have been times when even I was confused about whether I needed to go to an ER or could get away with a quicker urgent care visit. I once took my son (not a patient of UPMC) to urgent care after he collided with my Pharaoh Hound’s hard head and ended up with a cut above his eye. Since it was so close to his eye, I wanted to get it checked out. They sent me to the ER because it was technically a head injury.

While UPMC AnywhereCare doctors handle a wide range of medical issues, here are some of the most common diagnoses, to give you a better idea of how to use the app:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Sinus infections
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Conjunctivitis (AKA “Pink Eye”)
  • Coughs
  • Allergies

The Doctor is Always in with UPMC AnywhereCare

UPMC Anywhere Care Digital Thermometer Giveaway

UPMC Health Plan is giving away digital to help you out during the cold and flu season. Entering is easy. Just make a UPMC AnywhereCare account by March 5 and you’ll automatically be entered to win!

Why are they giving away thermometers? UPMC Health Plan knows how hard it is for us to see our kids feeling sick and miserable. They want to do whatever they can to help during the height of cold and flu season and show you how easily you can connect to a healthcare professional without ever leaving your house (or dragging your kids out and about when they’re feeling so under the weather).

Ready to try it out? Download the mobile app today or bookmark URL on your desktop!