This post was sponsored by Supreme Source® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.Get Your Picky Dog's Diet Back on Track with Supreme Source

As a loving pet parent, I’m super cautious about what I put into my dogs’ food bowls. I research every single dog food product on multiple unbiased websites to make sure I’m giving them the best nutrition that I can afford. I add “that I can afford” because, honestly, I can’t buy them $80 bags of dog food every week and I just don’t feel like I know enough to make my own. That’s okay, though, because I can give them high-quality food without breaking the bank. Even better? I can get them amazing food at a grocery store.

Get Your Picky Dog's Diet Back on Track with Supreme Source

I know, I know: for most of your pet parenting life you’ve been told “if you can buy it in a pet aisle at a grocery store, it’s not good food.” Guess what? Times have changed! With more pet parents going grain-free and focusing on feeding their dogs a healthier diet, grocery stores and mass-market retailers are realizing that they need to get those high-quality foods into their pet aisles. Grain-free foods are also becoming far more affordable. One brand that I’m particularly excited about is called Supreme Source®. While it’s not a new food (the brand has over 40 years of experience of crafting American-Made, high-quality pet foods), it is new to me because I just learned it’s available right where I shop at ShopRite!

Getting Your Picky Dog’s Diet Back on Track

I have a confession: Freya rarely eats kibble without some sort of “topper.” While I spend an enormous amount of time picking out the perfect food for my dogs, sometimes those toppers aren’t as healthy as they should be. My goal is to get Freya to eat plain kibble regularly so we’re not stuck scrambling for some sort of topping AND so we’re not wasting so much dog food. Once we put a topper on, if she doesn’t finish it we have to throw it out to the squirrels because it gets soggy and gross.

Get Your Picky Dog's Diet Back on Track with Supreme Source

I figure this is a two-step process. Step one: make sure I’m giving her food that offers complete nutrition AND tastes good to her. I took care of that step by picking up a bag of Supreme Source® dog food when I was grocery shopping at Shop-Rite. Step two is a bit harder: get her to actually eat the food plain. I’m trying the Supreme Source® 10-Day Pet Detox with Freya to get her back on track. During that time, I’ll be cutting WAY back on the treats, so she doesn’t fill up on junk. I’ll also stop putting toppers on her food so that she has no choice but to eat it plain.

Get Your Picky Dog's Diet Back on Track with Supreme Source

While outsmarting a Pharaoh Hound is typically an exercise in futility, I have found a little trick to help with the second part of the plan. I give Freya a bit of the plain kibble right out of my hand. She thinks I’m giving her a treat, especially when it’s a new food. Next, I put a bit in a smaller bowl that we usually use for treats (like pumpkin or wet dog food). Finally, I’ll move it over to the regular bowl once she decides that she likes it.

Get Your Picky Dog's Diet Back on Track with Supreme Source

So far, Freya really seems to love the taste the Supreme Source Grain Free Turkey Meal & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food. It comes in three other varieties, including:

  • Supreme Source Grain Free Pork, Peas & Wild Boar Dry Dog Food (NEW!)
  • Supreme Source Grain Free Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food
  • Supreme Source Grain Free Lamb Meal & Potato Dry Dog Food

At the end of the 10-Day Detox, I’m hoping that Freya will enjoy eating plain kibble as much as she likes it with toppers. Even if your dog eats a pretty healthy diet, there’s always room for improvement! Like I said, I’m diligent about the main food that I give her, but I do get a little lax on treats and toppers.

Get Your Picky Dog's Diet Back on Track with Supreme Source

Freya is incredibly high-energy, so I need to make sure her diet supports her active lifestyle. Supreme Source is a premium grain-free diet packed with healthy prebiotics and enzymes that support her body inside and out. All of their varieties are packed with fruits and veggies and totally devoid of artificial colors or flavors. As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to go driving all over town to specialty pet shops to find Supreme Source! I found mine in my local ShopRite. Use the Store Locator to find it in your area!

Want to take the 10-Day Pet Detox along with me this spring? Sign up here for a free product coupon (up to $9.99, which is perfect for the 6lb bag) and daily emails to help get your dog’s diet back on track. For my fellow cat parents, they also make cat food! Don’t forget to come back soon to see how Freya did on her Detox! In the meantime, visit the Supreme Source website to learn more about their food and 40+ year track record of providing optimal nutrition for your furry family members! Follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep up with news!

What are your goals for your dog’s diet? How do you think Supreme Source can help? Tell me below!