Did you know that today is National Deep Dish Pizza Day? Yep, there really is a day for everything!

As an east coast girl, I’m genetically predisposed to prefer New York Style pizza over anything else. I have a confession though: I secretly kind of prefer the deep dish kind! Maybe it’s all the extra dough, I am totally a bread girl.

Find out what others think of deep dish pizza versus regular old New York Style slices!

Deep Dish Pizza Vs. New York Style

An interesting fact: 2% of people claim that deep dish pizza is more of a casserole than a real pizza because you have to use a knife and a fork to eat it. Hmmm, I never thought of it like that. I say it’s pizza because it has the key elements: dough, cheese, and sauce. Also, I am perfectly capable of picking up a slice of deep dish pizza and eating it with my hands. Who are these fancy people who eat it with a knife and fork???

If you want to learn more about this fun food holiday, head over to National Today! It’s one of my favorite sites for finding all the craziest holidays.

What are your thoughts on deep dish pizza? Tell me below!