With the kids out of school and spending more time at home, you may find yourself wanting to change things up around the house. And you’re not alone — in fact, a recent survey found that about two-thirds of homeowners have plans to renovate their homes. But trying to tackle a whole-home renovation project isn’t always possible due to lack of finances and time. So if you’re looking for simple ways to spruce up your home this summer, keep reading.

Looking for simple ways to spruce up your home this summer? Check out these super easy DIY home decor & improvement projects that you can do as a family!


DIY Home Decor Projects To Do This Summer

Because of the summer heat, doing some work in your basement is always a great idea. And while Home Advisor shows that a basement remodel can have up to a 70% ROI, remodeling an entire basement takes a lot of time. Instead, start small — have the kids help organize their toys and anything else laying around downstairs. The basement is the perfect place for kids to play on hot days, so why not turn the area into a little playroom? A great way for the kids to get involved is by helping paint. If the area could use a fresh coat of paint, consider dedicating one area to chalkboard paint, which will give the kids a place to draw. Add some throw rugs, new lighting, and storage bins for the toys and your kids will have a new favorite play area.

Looking for simple ways to spruce up your home this summer? Check out these super easy DIY home decor & improvement projects that you can do as a family!

If you’re looking to add some life to empty walls in your home, DIY wall art is a great idea. One simple idea is to make a seasonal summer wreath. The great thing about wreaths is that if you buy a twig or wire wreath, you can change the decorations for each season. So for summer, you and the kids can decorate the wreath with bright flowers and maybe some seashells. Or if you’re looking for more permanent wall decor, consider painting some slatted signs. You can buy the blank signs at any craft store and simply pick your favorite quote, pattern, or picture and you’ll have new wall art in no time.

Now, for the outdoor area. Chances are, your kids are going to be spending a good amount of time outside enjoying the summer sun. So if your current swing set or playground is in rough shape, now is the time to give it some love. Rebuilding or refinishing a playground can actually increase the amount of time children play on it by up to two-thirds! So give the play set a fresh coat of paint, make sure all the screws are tightened, and maybe add some new elements if possible. This way, your kids will have a like-new swingset to hand out on all summer long.

painted rock Simple DIY Home Decor Projects To Do This Summer

Another simple way to spruce up your outdoor areas is by adding some flower pots. And this is a project the kids can get involved with too. Pick up some plain pots or buckets and have the kids help you decorate them. For added decor, have a rock painting party to add some additional decor. The kids will love it and you’ll have some new artwork to display outside while sprucing up your front porch or back deck with some fresh flowers. You can even take it a step further and build a whimsical fairy garden!

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to give your home a new look. With a few simple crafts, and the help of your kids, you can add some new elements to your house with ease.

Are you planning to tackle any home decor or renovation projects this summer?


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