If the idea of pitching a tent on your own fills you with dread, you’re going to love the Wenzel Shenanigan Tent! It’s easy enough for first-time campers to manage with very little help! Plus, it’s crazy cute and stylish! Read on for my Wenzel Shenanigans Tent review! Plus, check out more must-have camping gear from Wenzel!

This Tent Makes Camping Easy, Even For First-Timers!

I have to be honest here: I am not really a “roughing it” kind of girl. I like hotels…with flushing toilets, locking doors and (hopefully) no bugs. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone camping before in my early 20s, albeit usually with a bunch of other people (and usually completely sloshed, so I didn’t care if there were bugs surrounding me), but it wasn’t really my thing.

My son, on the other hand, really wants to try the whole camping experience at least once before he’s old enough to drive. His dad was supposed to take him this summer, but that just didn’t work out. Rather than sit around waiting for someone else to take him, I’ll do what single moms have been doing since the beginning of time: just do it myself. Since I lack confidence in my ability to survive out in the woods, we’ll most likely stick to backyard camping, but hey, it still counts, right?

Wenzel Makes Camping Easy, Even If It’s Your First Time!

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This Tent Makes Camping Easy, Even For First-Timers!

I’ve never put up a tent before. Well, aside from those indoor kiddie tents and the pop-up dealies. You know what I mean, right? They come all nice and compact in a squished-down circle, and with a single twist, they’re suddenly a tent! Then you can never, ever, ever, ever get it back down into a nice little circle again. Anyway, aside from those, I’ve never actually pitched a real tent.

When I first got the Wenzel Shenanigans Tent for review, I thought I’d have a lot more help in putting it up my first time. Life happens, though, and I found myself a single mom again, trying to give my son all of the experiences he deserves even though I have no clue what I’m doing half of the time. Between the unrelenting rain, delayed summer, and annoying medical issues, I managed to put off the whole thing much longer than I should have.

Then, one nice day last week, I was feeling antsy and uninspired. I couldn’t really focus on work, but I still needed to do something productive. I looked at the box with the tent and thought, “well, now is as good a time as any!” I figured if I ran into trouble putting it up, my mom would be able to help. She was a single mom who pretty much figured out how to do everything on her own, too, after all.

This Tent Makes Camping Easy, Even For First-Timers!

Turns out, this tent is crazy simple to pitch, even on uneven ground like my yard. Jacob helped me out a bit by holding it up for me, but really, I could have done it on my own. Once up, it’s roomy enough for up to five people. Certainly room enough for Jake and I to hang out in. I love that it has plenty of “windows” and other screened openings to let some air in. It was super hot the day we tried it out, but with the windows open we didn’t really bake as much as I thought I would. It was really no hotter inside the tent than outside of it.

This Tent Makes Camping Easy, Even For First-Timers!

Along with the Wenzel Shenanigans Tent, I also got one of their super comfy sleeping bags. Jake has a cheap sleeping bag that I grabbed him when he was spending the night at a friend’s house, and this one is definitely a huge step up.

It’s called the Pop-Top and, like the tent, it’s part of the Tribute Collection.

This Tent Makes Camping Easy, Even For First-Timers!

At 87″ long, it’s definitely long enough even for the tallest member of your family. I’m only 62″ tall, so obviously I have a lot of leg room. It has the Convert-a-Hood feature, so basically you can either zip the hood around your head, or you can tuck it into the pillow pocket for a comfier pillow. It’s super warm, so it’s ideal for fall and winter camping. During the summer, though, the fabric on the outside is lightweight and cooling (at least to me), making it still comfy for laying on top of.

This Tent Makes Camping Easy, Even For First-Timers!

At just under $35, it’s not much more than I paid for the cheap-o one that I got my son before, but definitely a lot cozier (and prettier, too!). If that’s still out of your price range, they have others in the collection for as little as $24.95.

Whether you’re planning your first camping trip or your family is full of experienced campers, you definitely need to check out the Wenzel Tribute Collection