If you’ve ever ooh’d and ahh’d over impeccably organized wardrobes on social media and exclaimed that an image was #closetgoals, you might have a secret desire to do a complete overhaul of your barely functioning apparel storage. But tackling such a task can feel completely overwhelming — and sometimes the end results simply don’t stick. If you’re struggling to stay organized and really let go of the objects that no longer serve you, you might want to take a look at these tips.

If you've ever ooh'd and ahh'd over impeccably organized wardrobes on social media and exclaimed that an image was #closetgoals, you need to check out these tips!


How to Get the Pinterest-Worthy Closet of Your Dreams

Start Fresh

First, you’ve got to take inventory of what you have. The average woman today owns around 30 outfits, a figure that may sound a bit low if you’re a fashionista or a hoarder. More than likely, you have items left over from previous chapters of your life that you’ve been holding onto for one reason or another. But before you can determine what to hang onto and what to let go of, you have to know exactly what you’re working with. Take everything out of your closet and put it on the floor or on your bed. This will allow you to take a fresh look at the space itself and see what’s lacking (like proper lighting, shelving, or other types of storage). You’ll also benefit from having a clear mind and starting everything on an equal playing field. Sort items into specific categories to help you prioritize in the next steps.

Talk It Out

We all hold onto items for sentimental reasons. Even if they aren’t practical, they might make us happy — and that’s a good thing! But for the items you’re on the fence about, it may help to have a little dialogue about said piece and assess whether it really belongs in your closet. Does it really fit your current style? Can you see yourself wearing it in the next year? Have you thought about this item in the last few months? If you previously misplaced it, did not having it negatively affect your life? Sometimes answering these questions may illuminate how you really feel. A recent study found that 56% of Americans have at least one pair of jeans that no longer fit. If you’ve got pants, skirts, shirts, or other items that definitely won’t fit you anytime soon and are theoretically replaceable, decide to let go here and now. If you’re holding onto something out of a perceived obligation, motivation, or nostalgia, the truth is that you might not really need them — and they might actually be bringing you down.

Be Honest

Consider this: if you have to come up with rationalizations to keep something in your closet, it’s probably something you should get rid of. For example, that special occasion dress you’ve never worn? If you’ve had it for longer than a year and haven’t even thought about wearing it, it’s time to bid farewell. Around 62% of Americans say they own more than 10 t-shirts in their wardrobe; that number might be at least seven too many, unless you regularly need them for athletic endeavors, work functions, or outdoor activities. And if you have several shirts in the same color, you’ll need to cull the herd, so to speak, and decide on a couple of favorites to keep around. Take an honest assessment of what you truly need and truly wear; don’t afraid to be honest and brutal about what it’s time to get rid of.

Label and Store

Now that you’ve (hopefully) decided what you can donate, sell, or throw in the trash, you can start organizing what’s left. Remember that labels are your friend; not only will they remind you what you’ve put where, but it will also discourage you from being lazy and putting pieces back in the wrong places. You may want to use a combination of dividers, bins, hangers, shelving, and over-the-door storage to make the most of your space and keep everything in its proper place. Put the most-used items at eye level so that you can easily find them without making a mess.

Rinse and Repeat

While we hope this will provide you with a way to stay on top of your closet organization for many years to come, you may need to repeat the process again at some point. Whether you perform another clean-out in a year or make it a point to perform mini-culls every month or two, you’ll want to keep these steps in mind from here on out. This will allow you to keep control of the space. When you buy new things, take a mental inventory of what you’ve already got and make the commitment to get rid of one piece for every one you bring in. This will keep the clutter to a minimum and can help you be more conscious of what you spend your money on.

Your closet should be a happy place — particularly if you love fashion. But when your possessions are out of control and your storage options are lacking, your wardrobe can quickly turn into a nightmare. By following these steps, you should be able to take back the reins and return order to your closet in no time.

Do you have any other tips for getting the Pinterest-worthy closet of your dreams?