If you’ve got cable television, chances are you’ve become a bit of a home renovation addict. The Home and Garden Network boasts dozens of the remodeling shows, and has even created a trend known as the HGTV Effect: watchers everywhere are seeing design potential in their homes and personal spaces and are encouraged to find a contractor and architect to make their dreams come true.

Home Makeover Done Easy! 4 Simple Ways To Revitalize Your Home

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home in preparation to put it on the market, or are just interested in revamping your living space, here are four easy ways to make your vision a reality.

  • Upgrade your kitchen. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to gut the entire room and install brand new cabinetry and hardware. You can focus on minor changes, such as painting the walls a more modern color, replacing the faucets or light fixtures, or even installing new countertops. Even small remodeling projects in the kitchen can offer an average return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%, and you’ll definitely feel the difference.
  • Update your appliances. You’d be surprised at the impact a new kitchen or laundry appliance can have on your life; the addition of a dishwasher can bring the value of your home up and will make cleaning after dinner a breeze. Many homes are expected to have their own washers and dryers (and may come with battered, barely functioning ones): with over 150 washing machines models on the market today, your new appliance will be sure to suit your needs. Many even save you money on your energy bills due to their green nature! New appliances are investments that pay for themselves in convenience alone.
  • Purchase wooden furniture. People expect wooden furniture to last up to 15 years, and with good reason. Furniture that is built with strong wood and fine craftsmanship combines beauty with durability, essentially creating a functional piece of art that can handle whatever you throw at it. Like appliances, this can be an expensive endeavor that pays for itself over time, but it will class up your living space immediately.
  • Establish a color palette for your home. Don’t underestimate the importance of color. Studies reveal that a high percentage of homeowners want their homes to feel secure, relaxed, and be a space where they can truly be themselves, and a consistent color scheme is one of the easiest ways you can achieve that. Colors are also attached to emotions, so finding the right match can be essential to calm evenings in your bedroom and bright, alert mornings in your kitchen.

Keep in mind, if you’re expecting a new baby, you’ll need to completely baby-proof your home, as well! Now, just because these are DIY projects doesn’t mean you need to literally do all of it by yourself — painting may seem achievable, but you shouldn’t go about creating a new backsplash in your kitchen if you’ve never used a drywall trowel and tile adhesive. Know your limits; call the professionals when necessary or it may end up costing you more to fix it in the end!