If you’re like most people, you own at least one pair of sunglasses. In fact, about 75% of U.S. adults wear Rx or plano sunglasses. And it’s also no secret that online retailers are growing in popularity as a viable and reliable way to gain affordable access to a number of resources that you’d traditionally need to go to a specialist for. Shoppers make 82% of their purchase decisions in the store, but if you’re learning that you can’t quite find the right pair of glasses, or you don’t have the extravagant budget often needed for these professional services, there are countless online retailers that can help you out.

Shopping for new glasses? Check out these affordable online retailers and find out what you'll need to get the perfect fit!

What You’ll Need

Before we get started, you’ll need to have some information prepared. It’s best to find a copy of your most recent prescription for glasses (not contacts). You’ll also need your PD (pupillary distance) measurement, which is simply the number of millimeters in between the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other.

Finally, you’ll need any relevant health insurance information. The AARP states that about eight in 10 Americans over the age of 55 will need prescription lenses, and considering the average retirement age of 63, there are a wide variety of plans and types of coverage available at any age. Remember that even if your plan won’t cover your new lenses, the provider can often send you an invoice for the remaining balance. Without further ado, here are just a few affordable online retailers that can hook you up with a stylish and protective pair of sunglasses at just a fraction of the typical cost:

Warby Parker

If you’re the type of person that’s indecisive, you may enjoy Warby Parker’s unique method that allows you to try on a number of different lens styles before committing to one. Unlike other retailers, they also have a guarantee to pay for any professional adjustments if you aren’t able to get to one of its designated locations, and they’re more affordable than other providers because they design the frames in-house.
Here’s how it works:

“Start by selecting five frames online, then they’ll mail them to you for free. Try them out for five days, decide which ones you like, and return them when your time is up. Purchase the ones you like online (make sure you have a valid vision prescription handy), and they’ll send you a fresh new pair tailor-made for you,” writes Brittany Nims on The Huffington Post.


As another affordable and versatile online glasses retailer, GlassesShop has countless frame colors, types, and styles for you to choose from. They allow you to pay for your glasses with an FSA or HSA card, or you can request an invoice for reimbursement from your insurance provider. Sign up for their newsletter to get a half off coupon!


Finally, EyeBuyDirect is a great option for those looking for particularly unique and stylish frame options. EyeBuyDirect also sells bifocals and other frames for smaller faces, but in many cases, you’ll have to pay extra for anti-scratch or anti-reflective coatings. Still, this provider is reliable and gives you a full two weeks to return any pairs you’re less than 100% satisfied with.

According to a 2017 Kaufman Hall survey, one-quarter of U.S. hospitals and health systems say they hope to decrease costs by 1% to 5% over the next five years. But as more and more online resources become available for patients and consumers, there’s no saying how physical health systems will measure up.

Have you tried any of these online glasses retailers before? Were you satisfied?