Including your loving pet at your wedding is one thing, but planning a whole day for the marriage between your canines is a whole other story. Yet, time and time again, dog weddings somehow make it to the top of your newsfeed.

Whatever Happened To Awkward Dog Weddings?

Unfortunately, dog weddings are still a thing. In fact, dog weddings happen nearly every day as cute dog couples are dressed in people-like outfits and offered a cake made out of treats.

Over 44% of households across the United States own a pet, but our love for pets go much deeper than an owner-pet relationship. Many of us consider our pets to be part of our family. The phrase “fur babies” wasn’t coined for nothing.

One dog pair was married in a Vermont nursing home last month. Over 80 guests who lived in the home came to bear witness to the duo after Flossie got pregnant by Boy, a rescue pup from Amish country.

“Good Amish men have to get married and so when I discovered Flossie was pregnant with Boy’s pups, it seemed like such a fun idea to have them tie the knot,” said owner, Maleka Clarke.

“We were joking around but the crazy idea took hold. I spent months planning it.”

The modest wedding featured a bowtie for Boy and a veil for Flossie. But one wedding went above and beyond for a Ruby King Charles Spaniel.

Publicist and dog mom, Katie Sturino even spent over $170,000 on a diamond necklace for Instagram celebrity pooch, Toast, who was married to another dog on The Real Housewives of New York.

Since then, Toast has passed away, but she left behind a legacy. Over 300,000 Instagram followers, a number of clothing collaborations, and a feature in a global eyewear campaign.

People love dogs. People love weddings. Why wouldn’t we want to put two of our favorite things together?

In the end, it isn’t a matter of whether or not you like or dislike dog weddings. For generations, people have married pups who share a special bond. While some owners may want to keep invitations to themselves, they’ll keep happening.

For better or worse, in sickness or in health, doggy weddings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.