Looking for fabulous Christmas gift baskets that are all ready for giving? Check out these fantastic baskets on Etsy! They’re perfect for everyone from your in-laws to your boss to your best friend. They also make great last-minute Christmas gifts, as you can send them directly to your recipient.

Looking for fabulous Christmas gift baskets that are all ready for giving? Check out these fantastic baskets on Etsy! They're perfect for everyone from your in-laws to your boss to your best friend. They also make great last-minute Christmas gifts, as you can send them directly to your recipient.

Don’t you just love Christmas gift baskets? When I can’t think of a gift for someone that is notoriously hard to shop for, I turn to gift baskets! They really are an easy way to pull together a bunch of smaller gifts into one meaningful themed present. Check out a few of my favorites that are all ready for giving! Some of them are Christmas-themed, some are just awesome gift baskets that are perfect for anytime!

Christmas Gift Baskets on Etsy

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1. Holiday Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Unique Gifts | Holiday Hot Chocolate | Christmas Gift | Candle Gift Box

This simple Christmas gift basket stimulates just about every sense! Rich, hand-blended hot cocoa for the taste buds, a candle (in your choice of scents) for the olfactory sense, and handmade soap to soothe the skin! Choose between regular or vegan hot cocoa, and four different candle scents. Also includes a personalized card, so you can have it shipped right to your recipient.

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2. Santa Claus Chocolate Gift Basket

Santa Claus Chocolate Gift Basket - Christmas Gift - Chocolate Gifts

There is so much to love about this Santa Claus Chocolate Gift Basket! First, it’s under $20, making it perfect if you need a cheap christmas gift that doesn’t actually look or feel cheap!

Second, it’s loaded with tasty chocolate treats from Dip It Desserts! Each basket is different, but baskets may include things like chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate-covered Oreos, cake pops, and more! All of that in an adorable Santa pail that doubles as decor!

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3. Red & Green Gourmet Coffee Break Gift Basket

Red & Green Gourmet Coffee Break Gift Basket with coffee, homemade baked goods, Christmas gift, thank you gift, corporate gift, holiday gift

Ah, here’s one for me! Your favorite coffee lover will adore this “coffee break” gift basket! It comes with a variety of biscotti and handmade granola bars from MeetingPlaceCoffee (a family-run bakery in Lima, Ohio). Plus, your favorite gift recipient will also get three coffee samplers, including two seasonal flavors and one rich “origin” coffee. If you don’t love the red and green theme, they also offer two other styles.

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4. Christmas Spa Box

Christmas Spa Box Santa Gift Santa Clause Candle Gift Xmas Gift Basket Holiday Gift Set Christmas Bath Set Holiday Beauty Gift for Christmas

Oooh, wait until you see the different scents available for the candle in this spa gift basket! I’m talking tasty aromas like blueberry cheesecake, apples & maple, and more! You get to pick the scent.

Also included: a travel-size bar of natural soap, lip balm, body butter, essential oil spray, and more.

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5. Honey and Hive Gift Basket

Christmas and Holiday Gourmet Gift Basket- Our Special Unique Honey and Hive Gift basket makes perfect hostess gifts! For Men and women

Isn’t this one of the classiest Christmas gift baskets ideas? I love honey, especially when it’s produced by smaller bee farms (versus the cheap mass-produced honey that you find in most grocery stores). Raw honey is especially delicious and a totally different experience than the cheap stuff.

This basket comes with an 8oz jar or Heritage Bee Farm raw honey, plus 12 delicious honeysticks, 2 natural beeswax candles, a beeswax lotion bar and a handmade soap. You can also include a custom card.

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6. Pizza Lover’s Gift Basket

Pizza Lover's Gift

If you prefer to give food baskets for Christmas, check out this pizza kit gift basket! It has everything you need to make your own gourmet pizza, including: pizza cutter, towel, wheat, spices, recipe card, olive oil, pepperoni, tomato sauce, and more!

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7. Mystery Gift Basket

Mystery Gift Basket

For those of us who usually end up buying ourselves most of our gifts (aside from my mom, I don’t have anyone in my life who buys gifts for me, as Jake is still too young), this mystery gift basket still lets you get a few surprises under the tree. Just select a size, then wait for it to arrive. Stick it under your tree and wait until Christmas to open it. Gifts include a variety of bath and body products.

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8. Men’s Deluxe Bath Basket

Men's Deluxe Bath Basket, Gift for Men, Man gift basket, graduation gifts, Gifts for Day, Father's Day gifts, Christmas gifts for Men

Looking for gift ideas for boyfriends or husbands? How about your brother? This great gift basket for men comes with six homemade soaps in scents that guys love. It also includes lip balm, lotion , and shaving soaps.

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9. Holiday Gift Basket for Dogs

Holiday Gift Basket for Dogs - GRAIN FREE

These last two are for our furry friends, starting with this awesome gift basket for dogs, featuring grain-free treats, like Cranberry Cheddar Biscuits and Iced Candy Cane Cookies! It also includes a cute personalized ornament!

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10. Gift Basket for Cats

Gift Basket for Cats - Santa Sized

This adorable gift basket for cats is loaded with fun toys for your feline friend, including: hemp tea bag tumblers, crocheted cotton chase balls, organic catnip baby carrots, and more. All toys are natural and are handmade in their Indiana workshop.

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I really love all of these, it’s so hard to choose a favorite. Personally, I’d go for the coffee or honey gift basket. My dogs would love the dog basket, though, and my kitties would go nuts for the cat basket!

How about you? Which of these Christmas gift baskets is your favorite?