The number of men who don’t shave at all is actually up across all age groups, now standing at 20%. Throughout November, that number was likely much, much higher.BEARD BEARD BEARD BEARD BEARD BEARD BEARD BEARD BEARD No Shave November A Success Once Again

No Shave November is a month-long event that showcases rugged beards in order to raise awareness and spark conversation about cancer. Additionally, there are all kinds of charitable programs and donations throughout the month.

It is a great opportunity,” said Samantha Henry, a senior majoring in public relations at Kean University. “It’s just important not to lose the message of what it is really about because some people just think it’s a fun time to grow your hair out.”

As No Shave November coms to an end, let’s take a look at some of the individual and group donations that stand out for their charitable efforts.

Here are the organizations that raised the most money throughout No Shave November:

  1. KPMG — Raised $67,105
  2. New York State University Police — Raised $14,962
  3. World Shipping — Raised $14,936
  4. BD Global R and D — Raised $12,625
  5. MHC — Raised $8,250
  6. Crestwood Equity Partners LP — Raised $6,357
  7. Pampa Police Department — Raised $5,365
  8. Sussex County Sheriff’s Office — Raised $4,950
  9. New Haven Police Department — Raised $4,356
  10. West Palm Beach Police Department — Raised $4,355

Here are the teams who raised the most money throughout No Shave November:

  1. ARCO Construction — Raised $26,564
  2. DC Annapolis Complex Team Morgan Stanley — Raised $25,110
  3. Team KPMG — Raised $24,555
  4. KPMG DPP — Raised $15,720
  5. Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office — Raised $13,890
  6. BD Global R and D — Raised $12,375
  7. Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office — Raised $11,490
  8. Team Homebridge — Raised $<11,225/li>
  9. Livingston, NJ Police Department — Raised $10,333
  10. ContainerPort Group — Raised $9,941

Here are the individual members who raised the most money throughout No Shave November:

  1. Matthew Zaft — Raised $10,000
  2. Mark Gibennus — Raised $8,635
  3. Kevin Sheehan — Raised $7,500
  4. Carl Carande — Raised $7,250
  5. Fred Hunger — Raised $4,400

To date, roughly $1.3 million has been raised throughout No Shave November by the 14,877 members, 1,307 teams, and 273 organizations.

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