Decisions are hard. Perhaps you’ve scrolled through Netflix, surrounded by so many options only to either watch nothing or settle on the show you’ve watched and rewatched hundreds of times. Choosing takeout food? Nearly impossible. Some people, however, have bigger decision making struggles.

Woman Offers $2,500 For Someone To Make Decisions For Her For A Month

Did you know that 68% of women are unhappy with their hair? Decision making from the stylist’s chair can be daunting, but one woman from the U.K. has really taken the cake on combating tough decisions.

“Hiya, bit of a weird one I know but basically, I feel like I need someone to make my decisions for me. I’ve had a really rubbish year and would love for someone to take control of my life… I have no idea if this sort of thing exists, but came across clairvoyants when I was looking for another service, so thought it was worth a shot,” reads part of her ad posted on

It goes on to explain an abusive relationship, getting mugged, being financially taken advantage of by a friend, and, finally, being stranded in New Zealand without any money. That was all enough for her to seek out the services of a personal decision maker.

She listed the decisions this person would make spanning from which Tinder dates to go on to what to spend her savings on. As a self-proclaimed spiritual person, she requested this decision maker be some sort of clairvoyant or other spiritual type of person. They’d be on call 24/7, in case she was kept awake by a tough choice in the wee hours of the morning. She offered compensation for the month-long decision maker gig, too:

“I’m really ready to try anything — and I’ve set aside 2,000 Pounds Sterling for this from some inheritance money I received last year.”

For a little more than $2,500 in a month, you could potentially make decisions for a woman who has deemed herself incapable of doing so. Sound strange? Before you judge her decision to hire a decision maker, the co-founder of offered some fair insight.

“It’s a bit extreme to hire someone to make those decisions for you, but I guess people hire financial advisers and trust banks to manage their money, so why not hire someone to manage your life?”

Touche. About 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if it hadn’t been for their sign, and we know this delightful job wouldn’t have been discovered if it hadn’t gone viral. Thank you, internet, for your gems. So, if you’re a clairvoyant who needs some extra cash and wants to make someone’s decisions for them for a month, this is obviously the gig for you.