Airbnb super host Kristie Wolfe has an Idaho treat for anyone to enjoy. As far as Idaho goes, it’s reasonably common knowledge that the state grows a lot of potatoes. So why wouldn’t you be able to sleep inside a giant potato? We assume this is the question Kristie had when she built the Big Idaho Potato Hotel after an odd acquisition from the Idaho Potato Commission.

“Aloha, I am a proud Idaho woman who is passionate about living simply. I hand-built a tiny 97 sq ft home out of sustainable materials several years ago and still live there today. In the winter of 2013/2014, I fulfilled a life long dream of building my very own treehouse that now I get to share with ya’ll,” she says on the Potato Hotel’s Airbnb page.

Statistics show that 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if it wasn’t for their sign, but the Potato Hotel, which needs no sign, is an attraction all on its own. Situated in the middle of a field in South Boise, the Potato Hotel is a 6-ton concrete, plaster, and steel structure that’s 28 feet long, 11.5 feet tall, and 12 feet wide. It had originally traveled around the United States with the Idaho Potato Commission as an attraction, but after a while, they didn’t know what to do with the giant tuber. That’s when Kristie came in and turned it into a livable space.

“I had the perfect lot and someday I was going to get that potato and turn it into something cool,” she told the Idaho Statesman.

That she did. The dwelling may appear to be a giant potato on the outside, but being a professional tiny house developer, Kristie worked some serious magic on the interior. As homes get more advanced, things like the smart glass have booming markets expected to balloon to $8 billion by 2023, but the Potato Hotel subsists on a Millennial-friendly, rustic chic. Where you might not find ample modern technologies, you will be staying in an environment that you’d have to fight yourself not to Instagram.

It has a queen-sized bed for two, small bathroom, shower, kitchenette, and air conditioning. The decor is distinctly Millennial and a pleasant combination of rustic-modern without trying too hard. Alaska might be home to over 70 potentially active volcanoes, but how many times do you get to vacation in a giant potato? It’s currently completely booked through the end of May, so you’ll have to plan your stay in the spud well in advance. With all the fees and taxes included, one night in the potato costs just shy of $250.