Bus Blues: 3 Ways To Ensure Your Long Bus Trip Goes Smoothly

The U.S. is absolutely massive. Spanning more than 3,000 miles from coast to coast, there are a wide variety of beautiful and amazing cities, cultures, and landmarks to explore. With air travel being as expensive as it is, sometimes the best and most affordable way to see our great nation is to take a bus. Unfortunately, many find the prospect daunting; in order to guarantee you have a smooth and easy ride, we’re going to share three tips about long-distance bus trips.

  • Choose your bus carefully. There are many types of motorcoaches out there, and choosing the right one can make or break your trip. Consider what your necessities are: do you want to have a bathroom on board, are you interested in WiFi, and do you want to have outlets located at every seat? If you’re content with a book rather than watching movies on your tablet, you can opt for the cheaper options that don’t carry these luxuries.
  • Think about what to bring. It isn’t fun having to carry your bags on and off the bus, especially if you have transfers to make. Packing light is often a good idea as it will make keeping track of your stuff a heck of a lot easier, and you won’t be breaking your back every time you need to unload. However, you shouldn’t neglect the essentials: disinfectant wipes, headphones, and an eyemask are an absolute must.
  • Remember to stretch. Unsurprisingly, your body doesn’t like being cramped for hours at a time. Take advantage of the stops, even if you brought your own drinks and snacks. Try to stand up and walk down the aisle every few hours as well; it’ll do wonders for how you feel when you finally arrive at your destination.

Although women take the majority of long bus trips (55% compared to men’s 45%), everyone can enjoy the freedom and relaxation that the overnight adventures provide. In fact, motorcoaches are able to take passengers to places that many trains and airplanes don’t have access to. By following the above tips and truly embracing your ride, you can discover the untold beauty of the United States.