Humans can be finicky when it comes to the flavor of their food. Since flavored syrups hit the market, we have figured out that adding just a little can’t help but enhance many of our favorite desserts. For example, there is no way to tell how that juicy peach you just bought is actually going to taste until you’ve tried it. Or maybe you simply like your flavors stronger than average.

No Kitchen Is Complete Without A Good Selection of Flavored Syrups

Monin Flavoured Syrup is an excellent source for quality products that add a certain something to sweet treats. Plain ingredients can be turned into family legends worthy of passing on regardless of bland beginnings. Do you have any recipes that call for syrup but aren’t specific about flavors? It’s amazing what you can come up by switching “plain” strawberry for one of Monin’s berry flavors, or the yummy possibilities of using a Monin brand of maple syrup rather than bland vanilla from some other brand.

Don’t Hide Those Recipes, Flaunt Them!

Rather than storing your favorites in a recipe box on 3 x 5 cards, why not put them in book format to be passed out as gifts when the meal is over? Presents like that are the kind that get used time after time, not shoved in a drawer somewhere and forgotten. Imagine your special recipes in the hands of generations to come, and they, in turn, pass them on to the generation after that.

Go From Average To Outstanding Using Monin Flavoured Syrup

Every family has that one favorite dessert recipe that doesn’t need a holiday to show up on the dining table. Cookies are one of those year-round favorites that often only need to be smelled to bring back warm memories of the past. Sometimes it’s fun to surprise people with a new twist on old recipes by simply switching ingredients. They may think they are about to enjoy Grandma’s old recipe and then fall in love with its replacement because you added flavor from Monin’s large inventory of tasty products.

Martha Knows Best

Martha Stewart has been a household or “kitchen name” for decades, maintaining her popularity all these years because if anyone knows deserts and what goes in them, it’s her. She has many tasty recipes that require quality flavored syrups for success. We can’t all be cook show hosts, but with a good variety of Monin Flavoured Syrup in the pantry there is no reason your desserts or drinks won’t be every bit as delicious as Martha’s and easily make you the most sought after cook in the family

The Truth Is In Your Sense of Taste

Monin Flavoured Syrup has been available for over 100 years now and shows no signs of slowing down. The food business is every bit as competitive as any other. As company founder, Georges Monin knew for business to grow, his product would have to be special. What began as kitchen experiments in his own home has now morphed into a thriving company with factories and offices all over the world.

“Nothing sells like flavor” is a slogan from the 1950s, and it’s just as true now as it was then. When it comes to food, flavor is the “silent salesman” that can mean the difference between success or failure at the dinner table, especially when it comes to dessert. When you have ingredients like Monin Flavoured Syrups to work with, people won’t be skipping dessert at your dinner table; they’ll be asking for seconds.

All you need is one bite or drink of any recipe containing one of their delicious syrups to know how a company can stay in business that long and still keep growing. It’s simple really. Consumers can be a fickle lot and if they are disappointed in a product, brand loyalty isn’t going to matter. Obviously, the reason you can find so many Monin products in the kitchens of over 140 countries now is that George knew what he was doing when it came to making things taste good, and his descendants have the same talent.