With Father’s Day coming up in just a few  weeks, I’ve rounded up a few fun craft ideas for dad that either you or the kids can make. For all my fellow single moms out there, these crafts can easily be tailored for the special grandfathers, uncles or other special guys in your child’s life.

With Father's Day coming up in just a few weeks, I've rounded up a few fun craft ideas for dad that either you or the kids can make. For all my fellow single moms out there, these crafts can easily be tailored for the special grandfathers, uncles or other special guys in your child's life.

Growing up, my dad wasn’t really a part of my childhood. He popped back into my life when I was 17 and passed away when I was 28. We weren’t close. At all. My grandfather, on the other hand, was the greatest and most important man in my entire life. He was both a father figure and a loving Pop-Pop. The best of both worlds. He was the man I celebrated on Father’s Day.

I tell you this because I know what it’s like to feel a little sad on Father’s Day, both as a child of a single mom and as a single mom myself. By refocusing the holiday on a grandfather, uncle or other special man in your child’s life, you can help ease the sadness a little. Of course, if Dad is a part of your child’s life, these crafts are perfect for him as is. Ready to check them out? All photos are used with permission, visit the links for full instructions.

My 11 Favorite Father’s Day Craft Ideas

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DIY Natural Wood Planter


DIY-natural-wood-fathers-day-gift-tutorial-OFWThis DIY Natural Wood Planter by OurFamilyWorld is the perfect neutral Father’s Day gift for just about any guy in your life. Get it started for him by planting seeds based on his passions. For example, if he loves whipping up amazing Italian meals for the family, plant some
basil seeds. Is he a grill master? How about some of those cute little chives?

Following in Daddy’s Footsteps Card


FathersDayCraftforKids My Teen GuideA super simple craft, yet it speaks volumes. It says “I hope my child grows up to be just like you,” and it doesn’t have to be limited to just dad. Grandfathers are inspirational too! Check out how to make the Following in Daddy’s Footsteps Card on My Teen Guide.

Quick Father’s Day Card


Quick-Fathers-Day-Cards-Organized 31I love this craft for three reasons: it’s fast, it’s cute and it’s perfect for any father figure. Head over to Organized 31 to learn how to make this quick Father’s Day card!

The Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa


The-Best-Dads-Get-Promoted-to-Grandpa-handprint-craftNow this one is actually tailor-made for granddads, and it couldn’t be more true! You’ll find everything you need, including a free printable, over at Fun Handprint Art Blog.

Father’s Day Tie Bookmark

Fathers Day Bookmarks Hi its Jilly
These Father’s Day Tie Bookmarks by Hi It’s Jilly are perfect for any special guy in your child’s life who still loves to read. I know just about everyone reads on Kindles now, but there’s just something special about a handmade bookmark that makes me want to break out the print books again!

Father’s Day Magnets

Fathers Day Magnet one artsy mama

How cute are these Father’s Day Magnets by One Artsy Mama? They’re filled with encouraging words, like “funny” and “smart.” The little case for them is an adorable gift on its own too!

Time in a Jar


Fathers Day Jar Time One Artsy MamaI absolutely love this idea of the gift of time in a jar to make dad smile by One Artsy Mama. Her kids actually came up with it. You make the jar, then fill it with fun things to do together. You could easily change the word “Dad” to “Pop” or “Uncle” or even just something neutral like “love” to make it a Father’s Day gift for other special guys in your child’s life.

My Dad Rocks Jar


easy gift idea for dads - dad rocks jarAnother one that is easy to customize, the My Dad Rocks Jar by Creative Green Living can be changed to say just about anything with her tutorial. You do need a Cricut machine, though. I really need to get me one of those!

Shrink Film Cufflinks


how to make cufflinks - fun shrinky dink craft for kids layersRemember Shrinky Dinks? Well, these cute Shrink Film Cufflinks by Creative Green Living are based on the same concept, except a whole lot nicer! Shrink film has come a long way since we were kids, hasn’t it?

$5 Candy Bouquet


five-diy-candy-bouquets-21This $5 Candy Bouquet by Crafts N Coffee doesn’t get much easier, and it’s absolutely perfect for any guy in your child’s life. Pick up a mug at a Dollar store, or use one of the other mug or jar crafts on this list to make the base, then follow the instructions to fill it up with the sweetest bouquet ever.

DIY Star Wars Jars


Star Wars JarsHow cool are these DIY Star Wars Jars by Clever Pink Pirate? I can think of a lot of guys in my family that would absolutely love to get a set! Actually, I’d love them myself!

More Fun Father’s Day Craft Ideas: