Want to go beyond the boring basic beige curtains? Bring your whole room to life with these 10 window treatments with personality that I’m absolutely loving right now!

Want to go beyond the boring basic beige curtains? Bring your whole room to life with these 10 window treatments with personality that I'm absolutely loving right now!

Curtains make a HUGE impact on a room with very little time or energy on your part. Best of all, they’re a renter-friendly way to makeover a room in a flash!

Stunning Curtains & Window Treatments for an Instant Room Makeover

As a renter on a tight budget, I am always looking for super simple low-commitment ways to give my rooms a fast and easy makeover. While curtains are far from cheap (what is up with that???), they’re definitely a lot more budget-friendly than buying new furniture, repainting a room, or even buying new bedding.

If you need some good ideas on how to make a real splash with curtain, check out these 10 gorgeous sets with personality! FYI, this post uses affiliate links, so if you do buy anything through them, I get a tiny commission at no extra charge to you.

1. Tanisha Room Darkening Curtains

Tanisha Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Set

Although this set comes in a few different colors, the purple is definitely my favorite! Pair it with a plain gray summer comforter and a pair of lavender pillow cases for a serene and relaxing bedroom makeover.

Buy these gorgeous curtains here!

2. Bohemian Stripes

Bohemian Stripe Window Curtain Panel Set

Aside from the cute & quirky style, the best thing about these curtains is that they match pretty much any bedding that you already have on hand.

If you want to stick with an all-around bohemian look, Lush Decor has a matching quilt.

Bohemian Stripe Quilt 3 Piece Set

Although it may be pattern overload for those with simpler tastes. In that case, maybe go with a simple beige comforter and some red or blue pillow cases.

 Get them here!

3. Pixie Fox Room Darkening Window Curtain

Pixie Fox Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Set

Cute curtains aren’t just for kids’ rooms! I would absolutely put these fox window treatments in my own bedroom. I think they’re adorable for the fall!

Pair them with light grey bedspread for a little neutral balance, or go really vibrant with an orange bed set! I like this one because it’s relatively inexpensive:

Get these cute fox curtains here


4. Rowley Birds Curtains

Rowley Birds Room Darkening Window Curtain Set

If you love the whimsy of the fox curtains but want something a little tamer, these birds are darling! Since the pattern isn’t really overwhelming, I do recommend actually getting the matching bed set this time. You can find it on Lush Decor, too.

Rowley Birds Quilt 7 Piece Set

Grab the Rowley curtain set here

5. Night Sky Elegant Window Curtains

Night Sky Window Curtain Panel

While I prefer cutesy curtains (especially in the spring and summer), I know that not everyone is all about flowers, foxes, and birds.

These simple yet elegant curtains would make a huge impact against boring white paint, especially when paired with silver or black bedding sets.

I love all black and white rooms with just one or two pieces of solid red decor (like a black and white photo with one red item popping out, or a red vase).

6. Umbre Fiesta Curtains

Umbre Fiesta Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Set

These come in both pink and yellow, but I kind of like the yellow. It reminds me of a buttercup on a cloudy day.

Since the curtains don’t really have a pattern to them, you can pair them with a fun comforter to bring a little more whimsy into your room.

Or, if you want to keep it super simple, go with a plain gray bed set and some matching yellow pillow cases.

Grab these umbre curtains here

7. Llama Stripe Curtains

Llama Stripe Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Set

These llama curtains are hilarious, aren’t they? Even though they’re in the children’s section on Lush Decor, I think they’d be perfect for my room!

If you want to go full-on Llama, grab this bed set to go with it:

Llama Stripe Quilt Set

Grab the llama curtains here


8. Weeping Flowers Window Curtains

Weeping Flower Room Darkening Window Curtain Set

If you want something more elegant but aren’t really a fan of the black and white look, try these pretty curtains! They come in a few different colors, but I love the red.

Red is a powerful color (if you believe in color psychology, of course) so I would go with a neutral bed set to calm it down a bit. I’d probably toss in a red lamp just to unify the look.

Of course, I’m no designer, I just play on on that Home Design game (I do get good scores on it, though!).

Grab these curtains here

9. Cute Stripe Bears Curtains

Stripe Bear Room Darkening Window Curtain Set

I love these because they’re cute but classy. They add a bit of fun to a room without making you feel like you’re trying too hard to recapture your teen years. 😀

It has a matching quilt, but that may be bear print overload. I would go with either black or white bedding, then this matching throw instead:

Stripe Bear Throw

Get these darling curtains here

10. Fassbel Dead Branches Window Curtains

While all of the other curtains are from Lush Decor, I found these on Amazon and fell in love with them. Yeah, they’re called Dead Branches, but they’re actually quite pretty! I love this set for the winter! Plus, they’re pretty reasonably priced for curtains.

Get these pretty curtains here


With the right set of window treatments you can give your room a total makeover in seconds!





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