The right mattress doesn’t just help you sleep better, but it makes all the difference in the world the next day, too. It’s hard to function and do your daily duties when you’re exhausted from tossing and turning all night. The thing is, most Americans are beginning their day tired, which makes the tasks they attempt to complete throughout the day sloppy and half-heartedly done. We can’t do our best at anything when all we want to do is go back to bed. If anyone is going to have a productive day, they are going to need to start it by waking up in a bed that has made it possible to sleep through the night.

Get the Sleep You Need With the Right Mattress


Only Halfway Asleep

You lay in bed in the middle of the night as a painful spring keeps poking your back. You are not wide enough awake to do anything, but you aren’t getting the sleep you need either. In the morning you’ll find yourself sluggish, sore, and in dire need of significantly more coffee than usual. Chances are, you’ll also be incredibly grumpy!

It’s hard to go about life as normal when you are still trying to recover from the work you completed the day before. Your body needs time away from the work it does daily and sleep is supposed to give it that time, but it doesn’t get the rest it deserves if you are unable to sleep. Perhaps you haven’t been getting the sleep you need because you’ve only been half asleep.

Tossing and Turning

Another reason you might not be getting the sleep you need could be that you’re spending more time tossing and turning than actually resting. Mattresses should work for you by giving you a comfortable, peaceful night’s sleep. You shouldn’t have to be moving from side to side trying to find a comfortable spot. If this sounds like your sleep, it is time to go mattress shopping.

If you are thinking about renovating your bedroom with a new mattress so that it will be more comfortable for you, here are some other ideas you might want to consider trying.

Over-Heating in the Night

Many mattresses have very poor air flow. This means that in those hot summer months, the mattress holds your body heat until you get up. Your sheets and mattress should both circulate the air around you as you sleep so that you won’t have to worry about a second shower of a morning. If your mattress is working properly, you should never feel bogged down as you lay in bed. Instead, your body should be able to recover for the day ahead of you.

The Right Type of Mattress for You

Different people need different levels of firmness for their mattresses. A soft mattress can seem like floating on a cloud to one sleeper but can cause back problems all day for the next. You need to find the right level of firmness for you. You turn on the television and see advertisements for mattresses that are advertised as comfortable and calming, but then once you’ve ordered the mattress you are miserable trying to sleep on it.

The reason you find this mattress so terrible even though the reviews are terrific is simple: you have mattress needs that they don’t have. A mattress might feel like a cloud to its design team, but to the buyer, it feels like a lifeless sponge. The buyer is always right; this means that if you are miserable sleeping on their dream mattress, it is not a good match no matter what they advertise it as. If you are getting enough sleep, but are still exhausted, it could be fatigue. You want YOUR dream mattress, not theirs!

Finding the Sheets You Love

A good mattress is necessary to get the sleep you need, but just as important are the right sheets. Some sheets make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. They tangle easily making it hard to move, or they make you hot in the night. It’s hard to sleep when your sheets, bedspread, and other bed linens are doing their best to keep you awake. High-rated hotels even realize just how important proper mattresses and linens are for their guests and are finding high-quality bedding so that you will have the best sleep possible. Don’t you believe you need to fall asleep and stay asleep just as much in day-to-day life as on a trip? This is why you might want to consider designing the room of your dreams by upgrading your mattress and sheets.

With the right mattress, you should be able to get the well-earned rest your body has been begging you for. No one can get the work your lifestyle requires of you if they are up all night. Today, you have the power to begin taking steps toward a good night’s sleep.