Sad that you missed the last Stencil deal on AppSumo? Good news, sunshine! It’s back for a limited time! Once again, you can get a lifetime membership to one of the easiest photo editing services for just $49. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this deal!

Get a Lifetime Membership to Stencil for Just $49 from AppSumo

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AppSumo (which I love so much that I became an affiliate) has an awesome deal on Stencil. For just $49, you’ll get a LIFETIME unlimited membership. That membership usually costs $18 a month! Basically, if you just use it for 3 months, you’ve already saved money! Read on to find out why you WANT to take advantage of this deal, especially if you’re a blogger!

I originally wrote about this deal two years ago Since then,  Stencil has become my go-to photo editor. While I do still use PicMonkey & Photoshop for things that need more tweaking, 90% of my social media images are created in Stencil now.

What do you get with the Stencil Lifetime Membership Deal?

Create unlimited graphics

While the “pro” plan only lets you make 50 images a month, the Unlimited Plan (the one you’re getting) lets you make…wait for it…UNLIMITED pictures a month. Makes sense, right? Just wanted to include that in case there was any doubt!

Stock photos galore

Stencil has over 1 million stock photos  that you can access right from within the platform. You know what that means, don’t you? No more searching for the perfect picture on your favorite stock site, downloading it, cropping it, and uploading it to your editing program. You just shaved at least a few minutes (if not more if you’re picky like me) off your project!

Get a Lifetime Membership to Stencil for Just $49 from AppSumo


Hundreds of ready-to-go templates

You’ll find 500+ (I lost count) of templates in every size, shape and style that you can think of. I don’t really use templates a lot, but sometimes you just want to throw something together fast and they do come in handy.

You can also make your own and save them. Now this, I do use a lot!

Dozens of preformatted image sizes AND ability to make your own custom size

34+ custom image sizes for every social media site, blog graphics and anything else you can think of. Don’t see the size you want? Make your own custom size AND name and save it. A lot of my graphics are around 720×1380, so I created that size and saved it. Stencil even has the perfect image sizes loaded in for all the ads and headers you need.

Searchable quotes

100,000+ searchable quotes that, like background images, you can grab and add right there in the dashboard! As someone who does a lot of quotes posts, do you have any idea how much time this will save me? Okay, so I’ll probably still head over to GoodReads for the more obscure quotes that I like, but this is definitely a great start to finding them!

Get a Lifetime Membership to Stencil for Just $49 from AppSumo

200,000+ Royalty-free icons

Along with the stock photos & quotes, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of icons and simple graphic elements that you can use for both personal and commercial creations. The database is searchable and you can change the colors on the icon. Just to one color, though, which I think is pretty standard. I don’t really use a lot of icons, so I can’t tell you much more about this feature.

Get a Lifetime Membership to Stencil for Just $49 from AppSumo

TONS of fonts!

 If you’re a little font-crazy like me, you’ll be happy to know that Stencil lets you access 1950+ Google fonts. Can’t find something you love or are already using a specific font for your brand? Just upload it! You can add a background to the text or add a drop shadow if you want.

Get a Lifetime Membership to Stencil for Just $49 from AppSumo

Other great Stencil features:

  • Upload, store and add your watermark to pictures, if that’s your thing. I’m not a watermarker. I think they distract from the picture too much. Still, it’s nice to have the option! You can also upload your logo to add to graphics.
  • Store unlimited favorites. If you plan to use a certain backgrounds, icons, and so on over and over, you can store them in your favorites so they’re waiting for your project.
  • WordPress plugin. Stencil has a handy WordPress plugin that lets you create images right in your post. Just click “add media” then “Stencil” and make your image as usual. When you’re done, add it right to your media library.
  • SVG (vector) support. Upload and edit your favorite vectors without paying a fortune for Adobe AI.

I’m sure I’ve missed something, but that’s about the gist of it. I love Stencil because, for me, it eliminates part of the need to search stock sites or find quotes. I also like the upload your own font feature because you can pick just the fonts you love. I went a little font crazy a year ago and have a ton that I hate now, but I can’t delete because my computer tells me they’re in use. Where? I have no idea. Upload your favorites, delete them when you get bored of them!

Get a Lifetime Membership to Stencil for Just $49 from AppSumo

Would I use Stencil to replace my other favorite graphic design programs? Yes and no. For some things, definitely. But there are features in my other favorites that aren’t in Stencil, and I’m just too used to having those options. Still, I’ll use it for a ton of other things!  I definitely recommend it! Seriously, at $49 for the rest of your life, you really can’t go wrong.

Get your lifetime membership to Stencil  $49 now before they sell out!