If you haven’t heard of the vaporwave fashion trend, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  When my son asked me to look for vaporwave shirts and hoodies for him, I had no idea what he was talking about, and his super vague explanation didn’t really help.

Looking for some great vaporwave shirts to add to your collection (or buy for your teen)? Check out these 10 that are anything but basic!

I asked him to show me some good examples and immediately thought, “Oh, so it’s basically 80s neon meets 90s raver kid style meets that weird glitchy thing VHS tapes used to do when the video jack wasn’t plugged in just right!” That about sums up the vaporwave trend!  You’ll understand what I mean as you scroll through my top 20 favorite vaporwave shirts and hoodies (and my total “mom” commentary on each design).


Vaporwave T-shirts

Take a look at the quick list below if you just want to start shopping for vaporwave shirts, then read on for a closer look at each one!

All of the shirts are from Amazon and most (if not all) are Prime Eligible with free returns.However, keep in mind that most of the shirts are from Amazon Merch sellers which means they’re print on demand, so they will probably take a few extra days to reach you.

FYI, this post uses affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I get a small commission. Thanks!

Astronaut Spaced Out Aesthetic Vaporwave Outer Space Art T-Shirt
Featuring an astronaut helmet with an amazing reflection that any astronomy fan would love. This spaced out pun is perfect for men, women or kids that enjoy looking at the galaxy and the universe through their telescopes.
Aesthetic Vaporwave T Shirt Retro 1980s 1990s Otaku Tee
This Aesthetic Vaporwave T shirt is for all fans of retro 1980s and 1990s futurism, Japanese Otaku and Harajuku culture. For all the meme loving sad boys and girls.
Vaporwave Medusa Statue Aesthetic Retro Japanese Otaku Art T-Shirt
Featuring the Greek statues and Medusa, with her iconic snakes & Japanese Kanji characters that read "Ancient Beauty". It's streetwear for fans of Japanese culture, retro 1980s or 1990s art, and harajuku.
Vaporwave Aesthetic Style T-Shirt - Emotional Dream Tee T-Shirt
Vaporwave Aesthetic Style T-Shirt - Emotional Dream Tee. If you feel sad or depressed and you are an anti-social, tired of this world this emotional streetwear style shirt with a sarcastic meme is for you. It's all in your mind Design With Glitch effect
Mix Tape 80s Japanese Otaku Aesthetic Vaporwave Art T Shirt
Great shirt retro shirt for fans of the old mix tape from the 80s and 90s. This Japanese Otaku shirt with Japanese Kanji characters and a vintage cassette tape - remember those? The Japanese Kanji translates to music at the top and mix tape on bottom.
Retro Aesthetic Iruka T Shirt With Japanese Writing
The Japanese writing is katakana for Iruka meaning dolphin. Great shirt for synthwave, pastel goths, and japanese aesthetic fans. The picture features a wave, Mt Fuji, the rising sun and a cute dolphin
Vaporwave Aesthetic Your Life Is A Meme Tee
Love vaporwave music and art? This 80's style dolphin, bust, palm tree and triangle graphic tee features aqua, hot pink and black.
Vaporwave Tyrannosaurus Aesthetic Synthwave Dinosaur T-Shirt
Cool t-shirt design featuring Tyrannosaurus dinosaur with open mouth over triangle shapes with palms and sun on top in bright style
Vaporwave Marble Roman - Greek 3D Sliced Statue T-shirt Gift
Aesthetic Vaporwave Marble Roman, Greek 3D Sliced Statue T-shirt Gift. Retro design style featuring a 3d sliced statue. It's also a great gift idea for vapor wave music and japanese lovers retro-futurism, Greek statues, nihilism, kawaii, Greece & meme fans
Japanese City Skyline - Vaporwave Shirt - Aesthetic Shirt
This vaporwave aesthetic shirt features a Japanese city skyline. The vaporwave aesthetic style reaches back to the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

1.Astronaut Spaced Out Aesthetic Vaporwave Shirt

vaporwave shirts

Cool shirt, totally off description. Spaced Out doesn’t mean what they think it means (FYI, it also probably doesn’t mean what you think it means, as it has nothing to do with drugs, really).

While I suppose this could be the perfect shirt for pun-loving astronomy fans (as the description states), I think it better describes how every teen feels in the middle of a long lecture.

2. Palm Trees Vaporwave Aesthetic Tee

vaporwave tshirts

I love how this shirt flashes way way back to the 80s with the retro palm trees while still retaining some of its modern cool factor thanks to the Katakana (which, best I can tell, spells out riratsukusu).

You’ll notice that a lot of descriptions say things like “for all the sad boys and girls.” I asked Jake what that meant and he laughed. His words,”A lot of vaporwave people are emo and wear it because they think it makes them look edgy.”

I said, “But you like it and you’re not emo,” (thank the gods, because as a punk rock girl, the whole emo movement drives me bonkers).  He said he doesn’t fall into that category, he just likes the way it looks. So, there you go.

3. Vaporwave Medusa Statue T-Shirt

vaporwave shirts

I think this one is my favorite so far, mostly because I love Greek mythology, and Medusa gets a bad rap. Okay, yes, she turned men into stone, but did you ever read her back story? It’s seriously awful!

FYI, the Kanji translates to “ancient beauty,” so at least the designers of the shirt showed some respect to the true Medusa.

4. It’s All In Your Mind

vaporwave shirts

Super depressing description aside, this one makes me kind of nauseated just looking at it, which is what makes it so fun.

It kind of reminds me more of existentialism than, say, emo-ism, but what do I know? I’m not a teenager anymore.

5. Retro Mixed Tape Vaporwave Shirt

vaporwave tshirts

Our kids will never know the joys of receiving a mixed tape, but hey, they can wear a picture of one on their shirts! I like this one because it doesn’t hurt my eyes.

6. Surreal Mt. Fuji T-Shirt

vaporwave fashion

This is one of the few vaporwave shirts that looks good on almost all of the color choices (except white, it looks funky on that option).

Again, I’m loving the descriptions. I mean, who doesn’t want to show their pride for retro dolphins?

7. Your Life is a Meme Vaporwave Shirt

vaporwave shirts

Well, that’s an accurate statement if ever I heard one! Also, finally, a description that makes sense!

Amazon sellers try so hard to stuff as many keywords into their descriptions as possible so they can rank, which makes for some really awkward reading, so I always appreciate sellers that value decent writing over SEO.

8. Vaporwave Dinosaur Shirt

vaporwave aesthetic

You really can’t get more retro than the Mesozoic Era, can you?

9. Sliced Roman Statue Shirt

vaporwave aesthetic shirt

I find this sliced-up roman statue shirt oddly disturbing. The description claims that it is good for fans of ironic memes. I don’t think they understand the meaning of that word.

Also, I had to ask Jake what “ironic memes” are and got a nice long explanation of every aspect of meme culture. I also learned that my favorite memes, like Socially Awkward Penguin and Grumpy Cat, are from the “dark ages” of memes. In other words, I’m not as cool as I thought I was.

10. Japanese City Skyline Shirt

vaporwave aesthetic tee

I’m not entirely sure what makes this a “Japanese city skyline,” because it looks more like a generic skyline (and also, which Japanese city???), but hey, it’s still pretty neat!




Looking for some great vaporwave shirts to add to your collection (or buy for your teen)? Check out these 10 that are anything but basic!

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