Naturally, ramen is an amazing dish, a quick fix and can be enjoyed by all. With endless flavors to explore, you can have it the way you want. From seaweed to green onions to pork, there are different Japanese ramen noodle recipes to enjoy. While many people love the basic ramen noodles and broth, there are other creative and exciting hacks to make your noodles more exciting. This piece takes a look at some of the best authentic and incredible hacks to make your noodles more delicious.

7 Easy Hacks for Ramen Noodles: While many people love the basic ramen noodles and broth, there are other creative and exciting hacks to make your noodles more exciting.


7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Ramen Noodles

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1. Add the right sauce

Sriracha chili sauce is very delicious and an iconic sauce made of garlic and chili. Adding it to your ramen noodles allows you to enjoy a tasty, delicious and spicy hot dish.

Of course, if you do not want it hot, you can use also soy sauce for extra flavor. Soy is incredible and allows you to jazz your noodles with sheer simplicity. You can start by adding a teaspoon of the sauce until you get the desired flavor. Remember, there are different soy flavors to try out.

2. Crack in an Egg or Two

Eggs are known to improve everything from cakes to noodles. Add a hard-boiled egg, raw or scrambled egg to your ramen noodles. Let it cook for a few minutes. Most noodles in restaurants are served with a half-cooked egg. However, you can choose to have yours hard, medium cooked or soft boiled. A poached egg is equally delicious and gives your noodles an incredible flavor making it more delicious.


3. Go Healthy With Frozen Vegetables

While noodles may not complete your healthy plate, you can enhance it with frozen vegetables. They not only make it a healthy dish but they also add a unique flavor. Today, you can find vegetables in your nearest grocery shop, fresh and affordable. The vegetables easily thaw in when cooked with noodles. As such, blending in great and tasty flavors to make your noodles plate mouth-watering.

4. Thai Inspired Ramen Noodles

You can cook ramen noodles with natural peanut butter. This gives you an amazing Thai-inspired ramen taste. To get the best of this hack, you need to whisk together soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, peanut butter and honey as well as rice vinegar. Sesame seeds add in a delicious and lasting flavor. You can always explore more Thai inspired ramen recipes for different tasty flavors.

5. Cook with Pork

Ramen noodles cooked with pork is very nutritious. You will find that Tonkotsu ramen comes with braised pork. A pork belly marinade can be spiced with a handful of ingredients for a great meal.

A greater alternative to pork is bacon with a soft boiled egg. A combination of these two great ingredients on your ramen makes it more delicious, nutritious and authentic. If you want to go the traditional way, you can hack ramen noodles with a boiled, soy sauce and mirin marinated egg. The sauce is sweet and contains less alcohol. It enhances the overall taste of your ramen noodles and makes it more nutritious.

What’s more, you can use stir-fried tofu, beef or chicken. These protein options make great ramen dishes and you can incorporate as much tofu or chicken as you want.

6. Make Soup to spruce up your Noodles

A vegetable broth is perfect for ramen noodles. When boiled, cabbage, bok choy, and spinach make a great broth. You can include carrots, peas and corn in your soup until they are well cooked. When it comes to vegetables for your broth, you have endless possibilities to explore.

7 Hacks to Make Ramen Noodles Even More Delicious

7. Have it Crunchy

If you love your noodles crunchy, you can broil it. A crunchy twist is not only delicious but quite classy. To get the best result, boil ramen noodles first, then put your noodles in aluminium foil and place it in the oven. You will get a perfect, crunchy and delicious ramen noodles dish.

What are your favorite ways to make ramen even tastier? Share below!


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