It can be tough finding the perfect Christmas gift for the guy in your life. Is he the jack-of-all-trades who already has it all? Maybe he is the techy dad receiving dozens of Amazon packages weekly. Either way, we have you covered.

Our list of unique gifts for men has something for the man in your life. In fact, the only reason dad claims he does not want anything this holiday season was because he had not yet seen this list!

1. Full Moon Silver Coin – $17

Full Moon Silver Coin 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

2. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee – $32.30

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

He loves bourbon. He loves coffee. He loves beer. It should therefore come as no surprise that he’ll love all those things when they’re combined? No, this coffee isn’t spiked with bourbon. It was, however, aged in real American bourbon whiskey barrels!

3. Lock Pick Set – $32.30

lock pick set 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

Made of tempered stainless steel, this fourteen piece lock pick set includes all the picks and tension tools you’ll need, along with a top grain leather snapover case to sneak it into whatever situation you need it for. Of course, you’ll want to stick to legal sneaking!

4. Medicine Flask – $25.50

medicine flask 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

Once upon a time, alcohol was actually a widely prescribed medicine. That’s why the Rod of Asclepius adorns this stylish flask. It’s an awesome gift for any collector, even if they aren’t big drinkers.

5. Stem Pipe – $76.50

stem pipe 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

With medical (and even recreational) “Mary Jane”¬† legal in many states, a pipe makes a better gift than you might think. 3D printing and hand-finishing combined created this neo-futuristically designed pipe that can handle all of your needs in post-modern style while still operating like the old-school pipes of yesteryears.

6. Japanese Nail Clippers – $44.20

japanese nail clippers 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

Forget those cheap plastic nail clippers. If you want to give dad a great gift for his grooming kit, you have to go old-school. These Japanese clippers are made with modern materials but look more like something he’d find at the turn of the century, making them both practical and unique.

7. Electric Dual Arc Lighter – $25.50

electric lighter 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

With one touch of a button, the lighter creates an electric flame that’s reliable, windproof and can be recharged with USB instead of requiring special fuel. Take it camping, hiking, or even use it to light #5!

8. The I’m So Hungover Cookbook – $15.30

cookbook 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

With this cookbook, a bit of prep and a well stocked fridge you can prepare fifty different restorative recipes from loaded fries and bacon burgers, to luscious ramen and mini pizzas. Honestly, even if you’re not planning on over-indulging, it’s the perfect cookbook to keep on hand!

9. TRC Brass Pencil – $21.60

brass pencil 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

There are pencils, then there’s this brass pencil! Not only is it super cool, but incredibly functional as well. Makes a fantastic gift for architects, artists, or anyone who just needs to write things down.

10. The Scout Weekender Backpack Duffel – $52

Weekender duffel 10 Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

Made from 100% military grade, water repellent canvas, this bag is designed for the harshest conditions but it’s classic look is ready made for every day use.

-Written by Justin of Cool Material. Find all of these and more unique gifts for men in their shop!


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