It can be hard to find a good gift for the men in your life. Whether you are shopping for your boyfriend, brother, father or husband, it is often difficult to find something that they will use and enjoy. We feel the following are the best examples of gifts that are fun, practical and needed by most men. We’ll be getting into specifics in our holiday gift guide, but for now, here are a few general ideas to get you started.

9 Great Holiday Gifts for the Special Guy in Your Life


Winter Jacket

For many men, a favorite jacket is the only way to complete a winter look. Jackets come in a wide range of styles and for a variety of purposes. So, even if the man in your life has a couple of jackets there is usually a need for something new. If he doesn’t own any high quality winter jackets you could gift him one. Online, on websites like Luisaviaroma, there are hundreds of options like the down jackets for men by Moncler that are functional and stylish.


A sturdy pair of boots can see you through several winters and are always a pleasure to put on when the weather starts to get colder. Of course, the purpose of footwear is important to consider. There are a lot of types of boots on offer, from smart leather boots for the office and the city; to rugged, light-weight boots for trekking.

Watch or Smartwatch

Regardless of if you are shopping for a technophile, glamorous professional or both, a watch is often the perfect present to treat the gentleman in your life. From the vintage feel of a Casio to the luxury and opulence of a Rolex, watches are a very personal gift that can last for an entire lifetime of regular wear. If your man is a tech-lover, he’s probably been eyeing the latest Apple watch or any other smartwatch for that matter; this could be a great gift as well.

Fitness Tracker

This healthy option is all the rage with men of any age. This thoughtful gift will encourage your loved one to stay active, be healthy and track their progress. Is there a better way to subtly motivate him to lose a few pounds and get some exercise?

Electric Razor

One of life’s great necessities, an electric razor is a great present that will be appreciated by most men. Shaving is a major issue for men with sensitive skin and getting a quality tool for the job could save him a great deal of discomfort and keep him looking smart and well-groomed.

Beard Toiletries

Now that beards are in style, many men are unaccustomed to keeping their new facial hair in check. There are a lot of options for lotions, oils, brushes, and shampoos that are ideal gifts for bearded men of all ages.

BBQ set

BBQs are often the easiest way to get men to do the cooking and the perfect way to get your family and friends together. So, when you buy a nice new BBQ, there will be no excuse for not hosting a cookout and even less for any charred sausages served by your chef for the day.


Headphones are a staple for anyone who is glued to their phone for music, podcasts or calls. A good quality pair can let you enjoy listening to your favorite songs on a whole new level. With a huge selection of headphones, from Bluetooth enabled earbuds to waterproof sportswear, there is something to suit every man.

Amazon Alexa or Google Home device

Have all the songs, information and entertainment you could want with a voice-activated home digital device. These devices are the latest in-home technology, that can integrate with other systems in your house, and are sure to make your life a whole lot easier.

We hope you enjoyed our list of top gifts for men. We are always looking to expand our recommendations, so if you can think of a gift that should be on this list let us know!

-Written by Mary Johnson