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Want the ultimate holiday gift idea for tech lovers? Check out the DJI Global Mavic Mini drone! It may be tiny, but it's loaded with innovative features!


If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday gift idea for tech lovers, wait until you see the DJI Global Mavic Mini! Don’t let it’s size fool you. This drone may be tiny (about the size and weight of your smartphone) but it’s positively loaded with fabulously innovative features.

DJI Global Mavic Mini: The Ultimate Gift for Techies

Amazing overhead photography, elaborate aerial maneuvers, real-time first person views- the DJI Global Mavic Mini Quadcopter does it all…and then some! Want to see why this teeny drone will be such a ginormous hit with your favorite tech lover? Check out the video below, then keep reading for all the details & top features. (One quick note, the aerial photos below are examples and not actual footage from the Mavic Mini.)

Create stunning shots full of vivid detail

With a stabilized 3-axis motorized gimbal camera and 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos, the DJI Global Mavic Mini lets you transform ordinary moments into works of art. Imagine taking it on a beach vacation and capturing a bird’s eye view of a wave lapping the shore, or to your kid’s baseball game and catching an amazing overhead shot of him sliding into home base. You just can’t get these shots with a handheld camera on the ground!

aerial photo DJI Global Mavic Mini Drone: The Ultimate Gift for Techies

Plus, with the Mavic Mini’s QuickShot modes (like Dronie, Circle, Rocket & Helix), you’ll shoot shots & video that look like they belong in a blockbuster movie! Just chose the mode and the Mavic Mini will do its thing. You can even instantly share the videos on social media.

See exactly what your Mavic sees

The Mavic Mini comes with a remote controller that lets you see exactly what it sees, and in HD detail, as long as you’re within 4KM (about 2.4 miles). Plus, you can even store the control sticks inside the remote controller to make everything even more portable than it already is.

Speaking of control, with CineSmooth Mode you can easily slow down the Mavic Mini when flying through narrow spaces (or when you just want an added layer of stability).

Fly longer on a single charge

Is there anything more frustrating than getting a low battery warning just when you’ve found a beautiful new spot to explore? The Mavic Mini’s light weight lets it fly longer than other similar FlyCams. A fully-charged battery gives you up to half an hour of flight time.

Discover new locations & connect with other aerial photographers

Use the DJI Fly app to access SkyPixel, a fun social media network that lets you share your own aerial shots or check out photos & video from other enthusiasts. You can even use it to find new scenic spots in your area.

aerial example DJI Global Mavic Mini Drone: The Ultimate Gift for Techies

Tons of accessories to help you get the most of your Mavic Mini

When you head to Best Buy to snag your Mavic Mini, you’ll notice two options. Take a look at the Fly More Combo option. Yes, it’s about $100 more, but it’s worth it for the extra accessories, like:

  • A Two-Way Charging Hub that charges up to three Intelligent flight batteries (included) in sequence, so you’ll always have one ready to go. You can even use it to charge your phone!
  • A DJI Mini Bag that holds the drone and the charging hub in style.
  • DIY Creative kit to really personalize your Mavic Mini.
  • Snap Adapter for even more customizing options.
  • Extra spare propellers (3 instead of just one)

Perhaps the best thing about the Mavic Mini is the fact that, compared to the full-size Mavic drones, it’s incredibly affordable. Yes, it’s still a somewhat pricey gift, so it’s not really something you’d put in a stocking or a white elephant gift bag, but it’s definitely the ultimate tech gift for your teens or significant other. You know, the people that get the bulk of your holiday budget. 😀

Want the ultimate holiday gift idea for tech lovers? Check out the DJI Global Mavic Mini drone! It may be tiny, but it's loaded with innovative features!

Check out the full list of features & specs, then snag your Mavic Mini at Best Buy!











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