Experts recommend everyone visit a doctor at least once a year. But how many of us actually do? All too often, our health and well-being is a goal, but not a reality.

7 Healthy Food Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2020

The same goes for our eating habits. With junk food and fast food so prevalent and tempting, it is all too easy to fall off of diets despite our best intentions.

However, it’s a new year and time for a fresh start. In 2020, people are getting creative with the ways they plan to eat more healthy foods and ditch the junk while still enjoying their favorite Italian food, Mexican cuisine, and any other favorite treats. From sneaking more vegetables into their diets to finding alternatives to alcohol and meat, there are many health trends set to take 2020 by storm. Here are seven health and food trends you’ll see everywhere this year.

1. Vegetables Will Be Everywhere

Get ready to see vegetables everywhere, including in some unlikely and surprising places. Vegetables are going to be used more and more as alternatives to a whole slew of other foods as people try to increase the amount of vegetables in their diets.

One place you’ll definitely see more vegetables is in foods with protein. Things like peas are replacing conventional sources of protein. Pea protein is actually a great way to make a healthy smoothie, dairy-free cheese, or meat alternatives.

But there are many other alternative proteins that are also being used for plant-based meat alternatives. Things like the Beyond Meat burger and Impossible Burger are changing the way we think about both meat and vegetables.

2. And So Will “Flexitarians”

All these vegetable alternatives are indicative of a wider trend, however. More and more, people are trying to reduce their consumption of animal products.

This year, expect to see more of your friends and family label themselves “flexitarians.” These are folks who are trying to reduce how much animal products they consume without going fully vegetarian or vegan. This could include people doing “meatless Mondays” or other alternative diets.

The push behind this trend is twofold. With the environment becoming a larger and larger concern for many, people are moving away from processed animal products. Many people also view this as a healthier overall diet.

3. Milk Alternatives

While we’re discussing alternatives, we have to mention milk alternatives. With things like almond milk already widely available, milk alternatives are positioned to become even more popular as a health trend in 2020.

Milk alternatives don’t appeal to everyone, but for those trying to reduce their consumption of animal products (including “flexitarians”) or who are sensitive to dairy, this trend is great.

4. Low Alcohol and Other Alternatives

Booze is getting a reboot. In 2020, expect to see more people trying mocktails and low-alcohol beverages in an effort to be more healthy even while drinking.

To capitalize on this trend, some brands are offering alcohol-free beverages, including alcohol-free beer, wine, and spirits. Even bars and restaurants are starting to include mocktails on their menus.

Other brands are offering low-alcohol alternatives to compliment their existing offerings. This includes things like teas and sodas that are only 5% alcohol.

5. Reimagined Spreads and Butters

Butter is not historically thought of as a health food, but in 2020 butters and spreads are getting a healthy makeover.

Butters and spreads now include more things like nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit. And that’s a good thing. About two-thirds of the antioxidants in an apple are in the peel, not the pulp. These health-focused spreads are able to pack all that good nutrition into something that’s easy to spread on bread, crackers or vegetables.

6. Fruit and Vegetable Flours

The same goes for flour. Rather than just being empty calories, expect to see flours that are packed with fruits and vegetables in 2020. These flours have long histories, in many cases, but are seeing a resurgence this year as people look for healthy alternatives to common foods.

Healthy flours include things like cauliflower flour, teff flour, vegetable flours, tigernut flour, and many, many others. Check the baking aisle in your grocery store if you’re looking to jump in on this trend. You might be surprised when you look more closely at the labels.

7. More Fresh, Less Packaging

People are changing more than just their diets to be more environmentally conscious this coming year. The trend will also extend to packaging. In 2020, expect to see plastic packaging ditched more frequently.

This trend could be great for your taste buds. In general, it will mean more fresh foods. And if spoilage is a concern for you, you may be surprised to learn that your fresh food won’t go bad as quickly as you fear. For example, something like coffee actually tastes better three to five days after it was brewed. So be brave and ditch the plastic while you’re on your journey to a more healthy 2020.

Getting Healthy in 2020

No matter how you plan to get healthy in 2020, you can expect to see many other people trying alongside you. Keep an eye out for the health trends mentioned here and, if you’re feeling brave, try a couple out yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised by the result.