5 Spring Home Improvement Projects

With spring on the way, it’s not only a great time to do your spring cleaning but also some home improvement projects.

As we come out from the cold, think about some home improvement projects you may want to take on this spring. You can start small with something like a garden or go for something more ambitious.

Let’s take a look at the entire home and 5 places where you might do home improvement projects.

1. Create Space

One simple project that can dramatically improve your home is adding storage spaces where you can. This simple project can change your entire home.

There are a ton of ways to find more space in your home. To get you started, here are just a few:

  • Convert old cabinets: If you have cabinets in the kitchen or elsewhere that you aren’t using, add shelves to convert them into more useful storage spaces.
  • Extend your windowsills: A simple piece of plywood can be attached to the bottom of your windowsill to make it larger. Why would this help? It can either turn a windowsill into a seating space or make it a better storage space for things like plants.
  • Get or build furniture with storage in mind: There are many storage solutions that can be built right into your furniture. Things like stools and chairs can easily double as storage spaces.
  • Declutter your closets: While you’re spring cleaning, get rid of whatever you can to free up closet space. You may be surprised by how much space was going to waste in your home.

2. Remodel Your Bathroom

People often avoid remodeling their bathrooms. It can sound like a huge and daunting project. But even a minor bathroom remodel can mean big value for your home.

A minor bathroom remodel could just mean re-caulking a tub or adding a fresh coat of paint. You might also check on things like pipes and plumbing. With about 10% of U.S. Homes having leaks, we’re wasting a lot of water and money – up to 90 gallons per day.

Checking on your pipes can mean that you save a ton of money in the long run by catching leaks before they get worse.

3. Check Out Your Walls

Check out your walls. And while you’re at it, look up and see about your ceilings.

Walls can blur into the background once you’ve lived in a home long enough. But they also take a lot stress and damage over time.

A simple coat of paint or some new art can freshen up your walls. Don’t forget your ceiling while you’re doing some painting. Ceilings are often overlooked during home improvements.

If you want to go further, you can fix old walls or even create some new ones. A new wall can change the way your home is divided. This offers a major upgrade that can shift your interior spaces.

A new wall is not a minor home upgrade, however. You will probably need to talk to a contractor about this kind of project. They will likely use drywall products. In 2017, roughly 25 billion square feet of drywall got sold in America.

4. Check the Insides of the Walls Too

Speaking of the walls, don’t just look at the exterior. Think about the interiors of those walls as well.

If you ware doing home improvements this spring, consider overlooked areas like the insulation in the walls. Even with the weather getting warmer, you shouldn’t overlook insulation. The cold will return eventually and it’s best to prepare before it arrives.

Good insulation makes a huge impact on a home. There are several key places where you should insulate a home. And once you do, you can see a 30% reduction in the cost to cool that home, as homes with better insulation do much better on average.

5. Get Plants!

Finally, add some green to your home. Spring gardening isn’t just for the outdoors. Invest in some simple plants you can keep indoors.

Plants are beautiful, easy to take care of and overall pleasant. They can make your home feel warm and bright all year round.

Get Your Projects Started

This spring, leap into the good weather with some home improvement projects. You can do something as simple as just picking up some house plants or as complicated as creating new walls.

Make sure whatever you do is right for your home and budget, but don’t be afraid to take some risks!