Pet-Inspired Crafts to Make While Social Distancing

Since coronavirus swept onto the scene, most states have recommended social distancing to help stop the virus from spreading. That means countless people will be stuck inside, away from their jobs and friends and family members.

But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be bored. Now is the perfect time to work on craft projects that you have been putting off. After all, this ample free time should be used for good. Keeping a regular routine, like washing your Invisalign trays and getting dressed in the morning can help give you a semblance of routine. It can also be the kick you need to start working on these projects in the first place.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your own home or make a few fun gifts for friends, here are some of the best “pet projects” you can be working on.

Pet portraits

The right piece of art can transform the ambience of a room. If you have a muse, painting or editing photos of your pets can be a great way to spruce up your living space and pass the time during the coronavirus outbreak.

After all, what friend wouldn’t want a sentimental portrait of their favorite furry friend? All you need is your art tools of choice to craft beautiful pieces in no time. Make acrylic paint portraits of your friend’s dog on a small canvas or try your hand at something new, like watercolor. By the time this blows over, you will have tons of gifts to grant your friends.

But if you’re not one for painting or drawing, have no fear: in light of the coronavirus, Adobe products are free to use for students and freelancers who might be struggling with online work. Download photoshop and edit some of your friend’s photos that they have posted online. You can create completely new pieces and print them out to give to your loved ones. Luckily, there are plenty of online photo printing options available so you don’t even need to leave your home.

Build a DIY cat tent

Cats love small spaces. Along with the sounds that these objects make, that’s why your cat will always seek out the darkness of boxes, bags, and tunnels. If you’re sitting bored by the television, why not try your hand at building a DIY cat tent?

  • All you need is an old t-shirt (medium-sized options work best), old wire hangers, a sturdy piece of cardboard, and a cat to enjoy it.
  • First, cut off the curved hooks of your two wire hangers with some pliers. They can be easier to cut with a regular pair of scissors if you twist them first.
  • Then, simply bend the two hangers into arcs, ensuring that they’re as uniform in shape as possible.
  • Poke holes in each corner of your cardboard square (typically measuring¬†15 inches by 15 inches) with the end of your hanger. Ensure each hole is about half an inch away from the edge so the cardboard doesn’t rip.
  • Situate your hangers in a criss-cross formation and tape the hangers together where they cross in the middle to support the structure. You will also want to tape the edges of the hangers down once they have been inserted through the cardboard holes.
  • Finally, pull the shirt over the structure and ensure that the neckhole opening is accessible for your car! Simply fold and pin back the sleeves and bottom of the t-shirt for a uniform look.

Make a fashionable bandana

For expert knitters, making a dog sweater is easy. But for the newfound quarantine crafter, trying such a large project might be too daunting to start for the first time.

Instead, why not make a stylish doggie bandana? These fashionable items can be attached right onto your dog’s collar so that they can stay comfortable on walks. All you need is some old fabric, an elastic band, and some basic sewing skills.

First, measure the neck of the dog in question. You can also get a general idea of the neck sizes of certain breeds by looking online. Whatever you do, be sure to add four inches to the measurement to ensure that it fits comfortably.

Then, you will take your fabric and measure a long triangle. The longest edge (where it will fold) should be the length of your dog’s neck. Then, all you need to do is make a hem with an elastic band of equal length. You can tie it around your dog’s collar or create an additional loop in the fabric to slide the collar through.

These projects make for great gifts that show your friends that you care. You never know what kind of crafts you’ll discover when you’re passing the time at home.