Spring break can be a stressful time for parents. They worry about what they should do with their kids and if they have the money for a trip. Instead of worrying about travel plans and affording a big spring break trip, you could choose to plan a staycation instead.

A staycation means you stay local during your time off. There are a number of activities families can do together to make their spring break staycation one for the books. If you need some inspiration, here are five staycation ideas to get you started.

Spring Break Staycation: 5 Fun Activities For The Whole Family

Go Out For Ice Cream

When was the last time you heard a child say, “no thanks, I don’t want to go out for ice cream”? Probably never, right?

A small (but fun) activity you can do with your family is going out to get ice cream. About 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezer at any given time, but it seems to taste better when it comes from the ice cream stand, doesn’t it? Make time to take a family trip to your local ice cream shop. If you want to add to the fun, have each member of the family choose the ice cream flavor for another person. It’ll make things interesting and you may even get to try a new flavor in the process.

Host A Pool Party

If you have a pool, why not use it during your staycation? If you have the right weather for it, invite your friends, family, and neighbors to a pool party at your place. You could do a pot-luck style party or opt to order a couple of pizzas for your guests.

It’s important to check your pool before hosting a pool party, especially if you’ve just opened it for the season. Make sure you properly clean it and put the right chemicals in. Also, remember to check your pool water’s pH level. Balanced pool water increases the effectiveness of chlorine, so aim for a pH balance of 7.4 to 7.6. The last thing you want is for your guests to be swimming in murky pool water.

Explore Your Town

How much do you know about the town you live in? Are there any local spots you’ve always wanted to visit, but never had the time to? Take advantage of your staycation and finally visit these spots. These places can include historical landmarks, parks, and new restaurants you haven’t tried yet.

If you’re up for it, you can also explore the surrounding towns. There could be a place that’s a hidden gem in your neighboring town. Now’s the time to take a trip and finally visit it.

Compete In The Family Olympics

If you want to add some family-friendly competition to your staycation, plan a family Olympics event and see who takes home the gold.

There are a number of family Olympic games you can participate in. These games include tug-of-war, piggyback races, relay races, pie-eating contests, and more. You can also add in water-themed games if you have a pool. You and your family can get as creative as you’d like with these games.

Planning a family Olympics event is a fun way to bond with your family. Yes, everyone is competing, but everyone has fun in the end!

Plan A Picnic

Just because it’s called a “staycation” doesn’t mean you and your family have to stay inside the whole time. A great way to get your family out of the house is to plan a family picnic.

You could go to a local park, or if you’re close to a lake or the ocean, you could go to the beach. Have your family help you plan the picnic. Will you go for sandwiches and mac salad for food or are you planning on grilling? Which lawn games will you bring? Are you staying around town or are you willing to go to a neighboring town? Planning this picnic together will only add to the excitement.

While you’re planning your picnic, make sure you make a note to bring sunscreen. A sunburn can occur within the first 15 minutes of sun exposure, so you want to make sure every member of your family is properly protected.

You don’t have to plan a massive (and expensive) trip to make spring break fun. Your family can have just as much fun during a staycation. Remember, it’s not about where you go for spring break. It’s about creating memories you and your family will treasure for years to come. In the end, if you’ve spent time together and had fun in the process, then you’ve had a successful spring break.