Need to wear a cloth face mask when you go out in public, but absolutely failed at making your own? While Etsy can’t sell medical-grade masks (and you really should be leaving those for the people who truly need them, anyway), they do have a great selection of stylish but affordable cloth masks. Take a look at a few of my favorites!

While Etsy can't sell medical-grade masks they do have a great selection of stylish but affordable cloth masks. Take a look at a few of my favorites!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT medical advice, and these are NOT medical-grade masks. I know I literally just said that, but I feel like it’s something that needs reiteration. I’ll probably say it again at some point.

All over the country, governors are asking citizens to wear cloth masks in public. The CDC is even recommending it now. Sure, it won’t protect you, but it may help keep YOU from getting others sick if you’re asymptomatic. Of course, if everyone actually wears one, then maybe we’ll manage to protect each other.

While there are countless tutorials on how to make your own face mask (with or without a sewing machine), some of us are really just not that crafty.I tried it and failed miserably. Since I HAVE to go out to get groceries this week, I’ll wear my “total Pinterest fail” of a mask, but you better believe I’m ordering something that doesn’t look like a stoned chihuahua made it. 😀

Stylish yet AFFORDABLE Cloth Face Masks on Etsy

Since affordable is the key word here, I’ve chosen face masks that won’t cost you a month’s worth of rent. 🙂 I also chose sellers based in the US, because it’s a pain to get anything shipped from overseas right now. Besides, you need your mask asap, not 6 weeks from now, right?

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you buy through the links, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.

1. Washable Face Masks in 24 Colors

Washable Face Masks - 24 COLOR CHOICES - Face Mask - Reusable Mask - Cloth Mask - Protective Mask - Cotton Face Mask - Adult Face Mask

Comes in 24 fun patterns- like skulls, florals, and polka dots- or 6 plain old solid colors. Adult masks are $11.50, kids are $10.

They’re ready to ship in 1-3 day, and shipping is free in the US.

2. Double Layer Face Mask

Double layer face mask/cotton face mask/face cover/mouth cover/face mask tie/filter pocket and nose wire/washable mask/protective mask

These sell for $12.50, and there are only a few color options left. Shipping isn’t free, but it’s reasonable at $2.78.

I like them because they have a pocket where you can add a filter (NOT included, though), and a pipe cleaner where it sits on your nose.

3. Handmade Face Masks with African Prints

Handmade Face mask | African Print Face mask

These come in about 21 patterns (only counting those not sold out) and will only run you $10. They ship free, BUT take 1-2 weeks before they’re ready to ship.

So, not the best option if you need something right away, but still one to consider for down the road. After all, this isn’t likely to end anytime soon. 🙁

4. 100% Cotton Face Mask 

100% Cotton Face Mask White Comfortable Reversible Reusable Washable Anti Dust Handmade in USA Unisex

If you just want something a little simpler, this is a good pick. For $9.97, you get one plain white 100% cotton mask. It ships free and goes out in 1-3 business days.

5. Budget-friendly Face Mask

Face Mask.. Personal Use...cotton face mask

This one is probably the most affordable of all at just $5.99. Even with the extra $3.75 shipping, it’s still among the cheapest options. The only downside? There’s only about four different print options left.

While there are other sellers with semi-reasonable cloth face masks, these are definitely my top 5 picks. Please don’t buy from sellers who use words like “protects against coronavirus” in their listings. I refuse to support anyone that makes false medical claims.

Also, please DO NOT BUY actual medical-grade masks. Our doctors, nurses, and other people who are constantly exposed to the virus need those significantly more than you do. Thankfully, Etsy won’t let anyone sell them, anyway.

If you do happen to find them elsewhere, though, either leave them for healthcare workers or buy them and donate them to your local hospital (but make sure they can accept donations first).