Poet and Certified Laughter Leader Jonathan Kump, who happens to live right here in my hometown, isn’t just spreading joy though his fun poetry, he’s also helping animals in need. Read on to learn more about how. Plus, check out an excerpt from his book, Clever Clever Land!

Poet and Certified Laughter Leader Jonathan Kump, who happens to live right here in my hometown, isn't just spreading joy though his fun poetry, he's also helping animals in need. Read on to learn more about how.

*Quick note- Jonathan sent me a couple of his poetry books to check out so I could tell you about it. Also, the Amazon links below are affiliate links.

Certified Laughter Leader Jonathan Kump Spreads Joy Through Poetry

If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce your kids to poetry, may I recommend Jonathan Kump? He’s a local (to me) poet that writes these joyfully wonderful poems filled with wit, wisdom, and clever plays on words. The best part? Many of them will actually make you laugh, something that’s hard these days.

See, Kump isn’t just a poet, he’s a Certified Laughter Leader. It’s a real thing! I looked it up. Basically, the training program teaches you how to promote health & wellness through laughter. As we all know, it truly is among the best medicine.

As Jonathan explains on his Amazon author page, he loves creating a sense of wonder and writing about things from a unique angle. Each of his books revolves around a specific theme, such as love, kindness, life and even death. My favorite is Animal Inspirations. It’s filled with adorable kid-friendly poems about missing ferrets, bear-eating mice, and squids doing the hokey pokey.

Animal Inspirations

Jonathan Donates a Portion of Sales to Local Humane Society

Throughout April, Jonathan is donating $2 to the Pike County Humane Society for every book purchased through Amazon. That includes both ebooks and paperbacks. The Pike County Humane Society, a no-kill shelter, is very special to me, as it’s where we got our boy Cooper (below), who passed away 2 years ago. My poor boy spent the first 6 months of his life in a tiny cage with ten other puppies until Pike County Humane Society rescued him from an Ohio kill shelter.

Cooper Purina Poet & Certified Laughter Leader Jonathan Kump  Spreads Joy While Helping Animals in Need

While local animal shelters always need help, they especially need it now more than ever. The Pike County Humane Society usually runs fundraising events throughout spring and summer. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis, they had to cancel all of their events at least through the end of May. So I really appreciate how Jonathan is trying to help them out.

Want to check out an excerpt from one of his books? Read on for a poem from Clever, Clever Land, featuring 101 poems that “stretch the mind like taffy.”

Excerpt: The Land of Double L

Once in the Land of Double L

Reilly played a mallet on the yellow bell

The clouds were billowing like pillows in the sky

As Sally sang a lovely mellow lullaby


Allen was the fellow, and Ellen was the bride

He was tall, she wore a lilly, they were filled with hope inside

All their friends followed the ceremony

And the couple pulled each other close so joyfully


Near the waterfall they crawled into the hot air balloon

Well, to the Land of Double O for their honeymoon

They were humming as they sailed over the Land of Double M

Tammy was swimming with Jimmy, she waved up at them


Ellen called as they floated over the Land of Double N

To tell us Jenny still loves Jakk but he doesn’t fit in

Jenny and Jakk had a baby, they announced her name was Sue

And nobody knew what to do

*Reprinted with permission) from Jonathan Kump’s “Clever Clever Land

Jonathan has plans for more books in the works, including one about food and one for Halloween. I’m looking forward to checking them out!  All of his works are absolutely perfect for a homeschooling or “unschooling” poetry unit for children of all ages.

Check out Jonathan’s complete collection of works on Amazon. 


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