easy plant to grow

Are you looking to liven up your home? Getting some greenery indoors is more important than ever now that we are spending so much time in our homes. Nothing is more satisfying than looking around and seeing green leaves and fragrant flowers. Our noses are capable of detecting up to 10,000 different smells, so why not make some of them floral?

However, many of us have had the unpleasant experience of spending money on a houseplant and all the necessary materials, trying to care for it, and watching it die. While failure is certainly part of the process, most people would like to get things right on the first try if given the choice. If some of the 250 billion pounds of scrap metal recycled in the U.S. each year are coming from your abandoned gardening projects, you may be feeling discouraged. Fortunately, if you’re looking for an easy plant to grow that will give you a good deal of wiggle room, there are a number of species that will suit your needs.

Today we’re going to get into these plants that are perfect for those who are new to plant care or who lack a green thumb. If you want to get some greenery in your home but would like to ensure a high probability of success, prioritize these plants. They are easier to grow than some of the trickier, more temperamental species out there.

Two Easy Indoor Plants

The Hardy Philodendron

If you are searching for a plant that won’t immediately perish after a lapse in watering, the philodendron is the one for you. This is a very easy plant to grow as it can go an entire month at a time without being watered. According to Dengarden, it can also survive in low or high amounts of sunlight — just make sure that it doesn’t get exposed to powerful direct sunlight for an extended period of time, as the leaves can get scorched.

Give your philodendron some extra attention, and it has the capacity to expand well beyond its container. Water as soon as the leaves start to droop or roughly the top inch of the soil is dry, and keep it exposed to bright but indirect sunlight. If its conditions are less than ideal for a time, though, don’t worry — philodendrons are very hardy.

Tenacious Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo, though not actually bamboo, is a bamboo-looking dracaena plant that tends to grow very happily both indoors and outside. It is such an easy plant to grow that it can actually survive and thrive with or without soil. You can simply place your lucky bamboo in a vase filled just with water and it will be perfectly happy, making it an exceptionally easy plant to grow.

This is great news for folks who are concerned about forgetting to water their plants. While you have to monitor your plant to make sure the water in its container hasn’t evaporated away, you won’t need to check on it as frequently as many soil-dwelling plants.

However, it is essential that you are cognizant of the type of water you have in your home. If you have very hard tap water, you may have to purchase distilled water to avoid harming your lucky bamboo over time with too many dissolved solids. Though this is not a difficult step to take, it does add a slight additional cost to the plant’s care.

In Conclusion

Whether you pick just one easy plant to grow, or decide to fill your home with a small army of easygoing species, these two plants will give you the start you need. And with roughly 80% of Americans reporting that they experience daily stress, it’s more important than ever to fill your home with relaxing greenery.