Bear the Truth, Be the Change is organizing a unique and safe way for kids to show their support for Black Lives Matter. On June 28th, they’ll assemble an army of teddy bears, each representing a child from the city. 

Take a look at the image below for details. If you can’t see it, don’t worry, I’ll share the original press release below with all the details in text. 

Teddy Bear Picnic Details

Here is the original press release with the full details 

On June 28th 2020 an army of teddy bears, each representing a child from this city will be assembled in front of City Hall creating a symbolic visual statement designed to give a safe, powerful and socially distanced voice to our children to demand a future which is free of racial inequality.

We are actively seeking TEDDY BEAR donations from children across the city and we invite you and your youngsters to decorate your bears, write your names, add a message, or just donate as is. We are hopeful that this event will create a space for families to engage in conversation about race, justice and the fact that no matter what age, everybody can ‘show up’ and influence change.

Please visit BEAR THE TRUTH on Instagram (@bear.thetruth | to find your closest teddy bear donation point.

About Bear the Truth, Be the Change

A simple concept bought to life by two Los Angeles Moms, Sabaea and Lily and a remarkable NYU junior Sydni, together feeling compelled to find a way to add to the voices shouting ‘CHANGE’ and #BlackLivesMatter and to begin the difficult conversations that will teach a new generation that things cannot be the way they have been.

When  George Floyd’s murder sparked protests around the globe, the two moms found themselves wrestling with the urge to “join the chorus” as well as the need to help make sense of what was happening for their children.  Together, along with Sydni and her artistic talents, they came up with the idea for Bear The Truth, Be The Change. 

I think their idea is absolutely incredible. It’s such a meaning way for kids to participate in changing the world. Plus, I think it will make a powerful impact. It’s also a reminder that countless children are relying on us adults to make this world a safer, better, and more equal place for everyone.  While they don’t know how many teddies will show up, the group said that hundreds – like those below- are already pouring in. 

Visit BEAR THE TRUTH on Instagram (@bear.thetruth | for more information and updates. 






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