Sometimes, you just need to take a break from all of life’s stressors and browse cute pet pictures on Instagram! This has definitely been one of those weeks (no, months, no wait, years)! Sure, a funny dog picture can’t erase all our woes, but they can give us a split second of joy. Sometimes, that’s enough! Check out the pics that made me laugh this week!

Cute Pet Pictures to Brighten Your Day

Yeah, I know, this seems like a total Buzzfeed rip-off post. Although, they ripped it from the cheeseburger site, who ripped it off from someone else, who ripped it off from old-school message forums, who ripped it off from…you get the point. It’s a lazy sort of week, and I wanted something quick but fun to write. 😀

1. I can see them, why can’t I taste them?

2. I won’t hurt you, birdy, I promise!

3. Literally the only thing that would make this better is if they were all teddy bear guinea pigs.

4. Those beautiful ears always make me smile!

PS- Want to learn more about the dog pictured here? Check out my complete guide to the Pharaoh Hound (from someone who actually has one).

5.That cat can’t cat

6. Every castle needs dragons to guard it!

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Georgia and Ginger found a sandcastle on the beach this morning and decided it needed dragons to guard it. Georgia is from @fairytail_dragons_llc , as was my London. Ginger is from @yellowroomreptiles , as was my Phoenix. Ginger is my Phoenix's actual niece and Georgia is an actual cousin to Phoenix and Ginger through the decendents of Phoenix's father, Reno. Georgia and Ginger's beautiful pink wings are from @dragonwingsandthings and there's a link to their online store on their IG bio page. #beardeddragon #beardeddragons #beardeddragonsofinstagram #beardiesofinstagram #motherofdragons #beardeddragonphotooftheday #pogonavitticeps #pogona #beardies #itsabeardieslife #dragonbarbudo #dragaobarbudo #dragobarbuto #dragonbarbu #Бородатыйдракон #бородатаяагама #агама #フトアゴヒゲトカゲ #フトアゴ #비어드드래곤 #비어디드래곤#鬍子龍 #蜥蜴 #bärtigerdrache #γενειοφόρος

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7. This insanely darling Ibezan Hound pup! Or, as my mom affectionately calls them, “I be’s a hound!”

8. I mean, I can kind of see his train of thought!

9. Well, you did say smile, right?

10. This totally chill pit pup is ready for the beach!

11. “Can I help you?”

12. Parrot spa day

13. This sweet golden who just wants snacks, snacks, snacks!

14. A new purse for me? I love it!

15. Give me some sugar (gliders!)

16. Husky vs. Hippos

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Guess who won 😏 @2husketeers

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17. Ikea cat needs a better instruction manual

18. Now, that’s a funny bunny!

19. A smile to make you smile!

20. This really happened, I swear (Shameless plug for my own IG)