DIY: Make Simple Workout Equipment for Your Home

Tired of going back and forth to the gym after a long and tiring day? Well, dwell no more and take up a fantastic idea of making your personal home gym. If you are in doubt because it sounds difficult and expensive, then this article will surely assure you that making simple and effective workout equipment is unbelievably easy and cost-effective.

Not only will you save up a lot of money from your gym membership, but you won’t have to break a bank while building these pieces of equipment as they will provide the results you are striving for. That’s right, with this simple and useful DIY project you will be able to get ripped, shed some extra pounds, and power up.


3-in-1 plyo box

A piece of all-purpose equipment is a plyo box on which you can perform various cardio and strength exercises. The bombastic box jump, burpee cross over a jump, or even the basic step exercise make this workout equipment a must-have. The name 3-in-1 is derived from the box’s constitution as it has 3 different yet vitally equal sides.

For this DIY project, you would need an 8′ x 4′ piece of plywood that is ¾ thick, strong glue, measuring tape, drill, and a saw. The proportion of drilling and cutting must be precise in order to get everything right. Cut meticulously and evenly assemble with glue two pieces of 28” x 20” rectangles; two 28” x 22.5”rectangles, and two 22.5” x 18.5” for a perfect Crossfit-style home equipment.


Battle ropes

One of the most effective and probably the easiest workout equipment to start with is battle ropes. You can do numerous intense fitness training exercises with only a pair of hoses. Start with basic full-body strength and conditioning exercises by moving your arms up and down repeatedly. This will enhance your rotational and scapular health, boost up your triceps, biceps, and other upper body muscles. For extra power, durability and difficulty add sand or water into the hoses, just plug up both endings.

DIY: Make Simple Workout Equipment for Your Home


Ideal for weight training, a sandbag is another must-have home gym equipment. Not many DIY projects are as simple and yet as effective as making the sandbag. To make basic but extremely forceful equipment that’s adapted for innumerable strength and endurance training methods you need a few lucrative materials.

Sturdy plastic bags like heavy-duty trash bags, or an old or used plastic bag, duck tape, filler (sand), rope, or zip ties. Fill the bag with the sand, seal it appropriately, secure it, and voila. Once you make the sandbag, find useful sandbag exercises that you can do anytime or anywhere like hill sprints, lunges, overhead squats, and many more.

Leg press machine

Even if you take Pilates classes or do lots of exercises for leg muscles and gluteus with a sandbag, having one specific home workout equipment solely for leg muscles is vital for a home gym. For this simple DIY project you would need a long and wide wooden plate or a large and square-shaped thick piece of plywood, metal chains, pipes, fitting, connectors, and nails.

The key is to mount the iron chain on the wall on one side and the other attach the wooden board, on which you would mount a short pipe to fit the weights. As you lay down to check that you can push adequately the machine with your legs, and make sure it’s safe.

Adjustable pull-up bar

DIY: Make Simple Workout Equipment for Your Home

Another quite powerful piece of home equipment is the pull-up bar. If you do pull-ups correctly you can work on your back, arm, and shoulder muscles. But what makes this workout equipment nifty and advantageous is the fact that it is a real bargain as it offers a great deal for the money in terms of your DIY project.

Get several galvanized steel pipes in various sizes, joint them together, drill holes both in the wall and in the food frame, and later just hang them. If you are no so keen on drilling on your wall, you can try to make a stand-alone adjustable pull-up bar for which you might need additional tools and utensils.


By now you would probably consider buying single weights, for instance for the leg press machine or the squat rack, but if you don’t feel like spending much money on single weights the best DIY option is to make kettlebells. Perfect for power, resistance, endurance, and stamina training, kettlebells are convenient and bombastic workout equipment to have.

Find an old basketball ball, cut it into an “I” shape with a utility knife, get a PVC pipe, and heat it in the oven at high temperatures so that it would be easier to bend and glue. Once the pipe is heated bend it into a shape you want for your handle and glue it firmly. Don’t forget to fill the basketball ball with sand for extra weight.

Agility ladder

If you want to increase your speed and agility you should make an agility leader. A very useful exercise device, especially for those who run and prepare for a competition such as a marathon. You can easily make this device yourself. You need a few things like cardboard, tent pins, rungs, measuring tape, and duck tape, or at least 20 -inch long stirring sticks. By doing this exercise, you can strengthen the muscles of your legs, ligaments, joints, and tendons. Try some of the exercises such as running in and out, quick side steps, or running sideways changing sides.

Climbing pegboard

This is another extremely important and productive exercise device. Use it to exercise your arm and back muscles. Make it by first finding one long and sturdy piece of wood. Then drill about 20 holes in it, deep enough to place equivalent circular dowels or pegs. Then attach your pegboard to the wall and climb with it. This device does not take up much space and will be a great addition to your home exercise space.

Besides many other types of workout equipment that you build by yourself, there are undoubtedly the easiest and most fruitful pieces of training gear. Get your tools ready and start the work.

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Bily Bum is an electrical engineer, tech, and gaming fan with 15 years of experience in the technology world. He uses every spare moment to workout to stay in shape. With his family and friends, he likes to go camping or picnicking where he enjoys the benefits of nature. He is also a contributor on-site Techiezer.