Driver Safety Tips For Parents To Teach Their Kids

Your kids are growing up whether you like it or not and that means soon, someone is going to be getting their license. Teaching your kids to drive can be a tough step to take, but it’s a very necessary one. Three million people are injured every year in the U.S. from car accidents. Either you teach them the right way to be safe and keep others safe, or they’re going to go out there and drive anyways not knowing how to. Driver safety is one of the most important things you can teach your kids. It can be scary letting go of the wheel and handing it off to someone much less prepared, but that’s the only way they learn.

Parenting itself is all about learning to let go and allow your kids to become the person they’re going to be. Although a crucial step in the parenting process, letting go is much easier said than done. However, you don’t have to completely let go if you teach your kids the correct driver safety tips. This way, you’ll know they’re going to be safe because you put all the information, strategies, or skills up their sleeve.

Choose The Right Vehicle

One of the most important driver safety tips when it comes to teaching your kids how to drive safely is choosing the right vehicle to teach them in. Practicing on a motorcycle is not going to produce positive results. Not only that, but up to 75% of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with an automobile. This is not a risk worth taking while learning to drive. Make the smart decision and teach your kids how to drive in a safe car that doesn’t have repair issues to deal with.

Limit Distractions

First thing first, teach your kids to limit distractions from the moment they step in the car. Per a 100,000 person population, ages 21 to 24 have the highest traffic injury rate. This means you need to teach your kids to get rid of anything that will take their mind off buckling their (and any other passengers in the car) seatbelts. You also need to teach them to keep both hands on the wheel and their mind and eyes focused on the road.

Absolutely under no circumstance should they have their phones out or in their lap. There is nothing beneficial that can come from having their phone nearby while they’re learning. Texting and driving is a huge problem throughout the country so nipping this habit in the bud is key.

Distractions also include other passengers in the car, the radio, the temperature if the heating or air is broken in the car, or even sometimes reactions from the teacher. Be sure that you’re not causing more harm than good when teaching your kids how to drive. Don’t show just how nervous or cautious you may be to let them steer. Giving your child the confidence to do well, at least in the beginning, can be half the battle.

Start Small

Another driver safety tip is starting small. You’re not going to want to take your kid out on the road at first, especially if they just got their permit. The first few times you take them to drive should be in an empty parking lot. Once they’ve proven an understanding of the vehicle and are more comfortable maneuvering it, you can take them to quiet developments with much less traffic. Then, you can start working your way up to driving on the road with regular traffic. Be sure not to let your kid rush you into letting them drive on the road right away, but also don’t hold them back once they’ve proven they can likely handle it.

While there are plenty more driver safety tips to teach your kids, this will be a good start to get them going. Above all else, make sure they know just how big of a step it is to drive a car and the responsibility they take on when they put the keys in and start the engine. It’s more than just their lives at stake.