If you’re looking for some creative ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle old plastic bottles, toys, and more, keep reading! TheSoul Publishing’s 5 Minute Crafts channel shared some of their top ideas with me so that I could, in turn, share them with you.

Looking for ways to repurpose or recycle this month? Here are some ideas from TheSoul Publishing’s 5 Minute Crafts channel:

Did you know that this month is Plastic Free July? Well, now you do! Humans create an insane 6.3 BILLION TONS of plastic waste every year, and according to National Geographic, we only recycle about 9% of that. That’s not a typo. Nine. N-I-N-E. We’re incredibly wasteful little creatures, aren’t we? Along with recycling a whole lot more than we already do, we can get creative and reuse things we normally through away.  Below are some quick and easy ideas from TheSoul Publishing’s 5 Minute Crafts channel (shared with permission).

Creative Ways to Reuse & Recycle Common Household Garbage

I’ll include the link to the TikTok videos, in case you can’t see the embeds.

1. Use a plastic bottle to make a gift box.


#YouGotIt best gift package idea! 🎁 #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #giftideas

♬ original sound – 5.minute.recycle

Cut the middles and piece them together for a box perfect for jewelry or small items. (Instructions here)

2. Take the top of your soda can and make it into a picture hanger.


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♬ Gonna Fly Now – From “Rocky” – M.S. Art

Some simple glue and your standing only frame becomes wall-hanging! (Instructions here)

3. Repurpose a laundry detergent bottle to make your own plant holder.


#MakeMomSmile with the recycled flower pot 🍀🌸🎁 #diyhow #recycle #mothersday #plants

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

A few simple cuts sand you have the perfect decorative pot. (Instructions here)

4. Keep your fingers safe when slicing veggies


#YouGotIt the coolest trick with plastic bottle I’ve ever seen! ♻️ #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner #recycle

♬ original sound – 5.minute.recycle


This neat little trick helps keep your fingers safe when you’re slicing veggies. (Instructions here)

5. Reuse a straw to reseal packaging


#learnontiktok Straw recycling ideas ☘️👌#TikTokPartner #recycle #kitchen

♬ ROCKSTAR – DaBaby, Roddy Ricch

Cutting a straw and sliding it over a yogurt container keeps it closed so it doesn’t go to waste if you don’t eat it all at once! (Instructions here)

6. Broken zipper?


#GoingPro on clever repairs!🍴 #nowaste #zip #zipper #fork

♬ Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond) – Fort Minor

Don’t throw it out – fix it with a fork. You can use this to thread a zipper bull back onto a sweatshirt or jacket so it’s good as new! (Instructions here)

7. Reuse old jeans by cutting off the legs and making a couch holder.


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♬ Family Tree – Caylee Hammack

With hot glue and the top of a shoebox, you can make a shelf to hold your drink, remotes and more that slings over the arm of your couch. (Instructions here)

Check out TheSoul Publishing’s 5 Minute Crafts channel on TikTok for more quick ideas. If you prefer, you can also visit them on YouTube.