Interesting Facts About Myopia Which Shouldn’t be Ignored

If you have heard of the term myopia but never really cared to find out what it is exactly, then you are at the right place. Myopia is a very common condition that affects a lot of people. That is why everybody should know some important facts about myopia to avoid making it worse for them or to make other people aware of it.

What is Myopia?

Also called nearsightedness, myopia is the ability to see near objects clearly and it is difficult to see distant objects. Don’t worry! It is not a life-threatening disease. This problem can be easily solved by a pair of eyeglasses, lenses or surgery. 

An eye exam can tell you if you’re myopic. Opticians suggest an eye test every two years to rule out any possible eye disease or vision problem.

Facts about Myopia for a Lifelong Healthy Vision

1.  Cause of Myopia

 There is a higher risk of myopia if one or both the two parents are myopic. Myopia can be a result of both hereditary and environmental factors. So, people who have myopic parents should be extra careful about their vision.

2.  Develops Early

Myopia starts developing around puberty and can continue developing until the eye is fully grown. It can also be developed at a later stage in life because of other health problems.

3.  Diet can Help Improve Eyesight

A healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin A can help improve eyesight. That is why foods like fish, dairy products, cod liver oil, carrots and broccoli are recommended by the eye specialists.

4.  Digital screen Makes it Worse

TV, laptops, mobiles can worsen myopia as all the digital screens emit a blue light which is harmful to the eyes. We cannot totally abstain from using digital screens as our world has become technologically driven so while using digital screens it is recommended to use blue light glasses which block the damaging rays from getting in our eyes.

In addition to using computer glasses, a 20-20-20 rule should be followed to avoid eye strain. According to this rule, after every 20 minutes of using a digital screen, a person should take a break and look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

5.  Spending Time Outdoors

Research has found out that people who spend more time outdoors are less likely to suffer from myopia. Spending time with nature is beneficial for the whole body, especially for the eyes.

6.  Can also be accompanied by Hyperopia

Some people can have both myopia and hyperopia. This problem can be solved by bifocal glasses or varifocals which deal with a complex prescription.

The problem of myopia can be dealt with vision-correcting eyeglasses, lenses and also, power sunglasses. People who don’t like wearing glasses also opt for laser surgeries to correct their vision.

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