Tote bags are classic and practical bags, an essential for every woman’s wardrobe. They are perfect for holding a lot of things that you may need when out, especially in the summer when you want items such as a water bottle, a portable fan, and sunscreen with you at all times. If you are looking to add a summer tote bag to your collection, there are a few different bag options to consider.

4 Tote Bags Perfect for Summer

Here are 4 different kinds of tote bags you can choose from:

1. Classic leather tote

A classic leather tote is a perfect handbag to have in your collection, for beyond even just the summer season. It is elegant, practical, and will last you for years to come if you care for it properly. You can find many high quality options online on websites like Mirta for example, that carries beautiful Italian tote bags for women completely handmade. You can opt for a colorful bag for the summer, or a neutral so that you can use it with more outfits and throughout the seasons. Just remember to opt for a different type of tote for those beach days, as sunscreen, sand and liquid won’t agree well with your leather tote! 

2. Canvas tote

A canvas tote is what you want to reach for when you are heading for a picnic or to the beach. It is easy to shake off, but it is also still stylish and adds to your outfit. You can fit your picnic blanket in it, your essentials, and a book while you head out for the day and be confident your bag will withstand your use and items.

4 Tote Bags Perfect for Summer 

3. Woven tote

A woven tote is a classic summer accessory. It gives your summer looks a relaxed vibe, and especially if you like to go for tailored outfits a woven tote can balance it out and give your outfit an unexpected twist. You can find small/medium woven totes for everyday use, or large woven totes for those days when you head to the market or want your bag to carry more than just your essentials.

4. Clear plastic tote

A clear plastic tote is a great tote bag option if you want a trendy bag that you also won’t be tempted to overstuff it. You can still keep (and see) all your essentials, but the bag is light and minimal. Plus, it makes for an easy cleanup if your sunscreen or hand sanitizer leaks over your bag.

Regardless of which style you decide on, all of these are very versatile and can be used on many occasions, from day to night. One is an essential for any woman’s wardrobe, but having options to choose from throughout the summer season will still mean getting a lot of use out of your tote bag!