Traditional slumber parties may be off the calendar for a while due to current events, but you can still host a virtual version! Turn it into a viewing party, load up Netflix’s new family flick The Sleepover, and print/share these fun activities to keep the good times rolling! Check them out!

Netflix’s The Sleepover Activity Sheets

Just click on each image, or the link directly below it, to go directly to the PDF version. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Sleepover Checklist

The Ultimate Sleepover Checklist 

Download the Sleepover Checklist Here

Slumber Party Bingo Printable

Sleepover Printable Bingo

Download the Slumber Party Bingo Printable 

Crossword Puzzle

For this one, I’d snip off the answers at the bottom for your kids before giving it to them. You can always help them if necessary, but I think the answers are just a bit too visible as is.

Download Fun Slumber Party Activities & Printables, Courtesy of Netflix's "The Sleepover"

Download the Crossword Puzzle here

Secret Life of Parents Quiz

Download Fun Slumber Party Activities & Printables, Courtesy of Netflix's "The Sleepover"

My “truth” answers, just for fun

  1. Yep, I’ve dyed it various shades of purple over the years as an adult. As a teenager, it was black, plum, and Strawberry Shortcake red (that last one was an accidental color, but I loved it!).
  2.  None that I can think of.
  3. Yes, and no, I won’t reenact it. It got me grounded for weeks! Word of advice- don’t try to hide your muddy shoes outside, it just makes them stand out more.
  4. I couldn’t dance then, can’t dance now. Moshing, yes, dancing, no.
  5. NSFW! Not safe for a family-friendly post, either. 😀
  6. Not that I know of.
  7. That one isn’t really a question, I think they made a mistake on the sheets.
  8. Babysitting
  9. Oh boy, too many to list. My BIGGEST fear is, of course, something happening to my child. I think that’s every parent’s biggest fear. Non-parenting-related, though, I’d have to say driving on the highway.
  10.  An actress, a writer, an archaeologist, and an epidemiologist (kind of glad I didn’t pick that one, now).

About The Sleepover

In this Netflix Original family adventure-comedy, Clancy (Sadie Stanley) and her kid brother Kevin (Maxwell Simkins) discover that their seemingly normal stay-at-home mom Margot (Malin Åkerman) is actually a former high-end thief in the witness protection program. When both their mom and dad (Ken Marino) are kidnapped and forced to pull one last job with an ex-flame of Margot’s (Joe Manganiello), the siblings must team up to rescue their parents over the course of one action-packed night that they’ll never forget.​The Sleepover ​is directed by Trish Sie, (P​itch Perfect 3​).