Gift-giving can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan ahead. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that your loved one may enjoy this upcoming holiday season.

5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Loved One This Holiday Season


Flowers are often associated with Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and special anniversaries. However, they do not have to be. Flowers make many people – 86%, to be exact, – feel special and loved. Why not surprise your loved one with a bouquet of roses, an arrangement of sunflowers, or a single lily? Accompany your flowers with a vase, too. You can order a vase with a thoughtful saying or phrase or simply buy an elegant glass one. With options to personalize this gift, your loved one will certainly feel loved, appreciated, and special this upcoming holiday season.

Along with the idea of flowers comes other plants. With more and more people using plants as a means of decoration in bedrooms and common spaces in their homes, perhaps your loved one would enjoy the pop of color a fun potholder would have along with a plant that’s easy to care for, such as a succulent. If you think your loved one would prefer a small plant, get a bunch of matching ones in different potholders. Surely this gift will add some color and positive energy to your loved one’s home.

A Custom-Made Book, Label, or Frame

With hundreds and hundreds of artists online, there are several options out there for a personalized, custom-made gift for your loved one. Depending on what you think they would particularly enjoy most, one option could be ordering a custom-made photo book or comic book. Take the time to pick out photos that capture memories the two of you share and then create a photo book that follows the timeline of your relationship. Write a caption or an inside joke for each picture. A personalized comic book is another creative alternative if your loved one would enjoy that more.

Another custom-made idea is a wine, beer, condiment, or candle label. If your loved one is an avid wine drinker or ketchup lover, personalize a label with their name, a picture, a saying, or all three. Buy a wine or ketchup bottle and put the label on. This gift will definitely serve two purposes as well as make your loved one laugh. If your loved one particularly loves candles, buy their favorite scent and put a personalized label on, or you can buy personalized candles pretty inexpensively online.

A personalized picture frame is another great gift idea. You can pick out the color or pattern as well as have your names, the year, or a quote printed on the frame. Have a print made of your favorite picture of the two of you for the inside of the frame and wa-la! Done. To add a more personal touch to your gift, consider going for bulk die cut stickers.

A Plane Ticket

A plane ticket is another unique gift idea that would blow your loved one away. Approximately 1 billion U.S. passengers fly around the world every year – wouldn’t you like to join them by going on the adventure of a lifetime? If you have been talking about going on a trip together, take the time to make those plans. If you don’t want to physically buy the plane ticket yet, print a fake ticket with the intention of buying a real one once a time and a place are set. This gift will surely push you and your loved one to actually plan a trip.

A Plush Stuffed Animal

You may be thinking that stuffed animals are for children. However, many adults enjoy cuddling or sleeping with stuffed animals or large pillows. This kind of gift can be funny if anything. Buy your loved one’s favorite animal – in stuffed form, of course – or a fun pillowcase for a large pillow. Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night, and surely your loved one will be able to reach this goal with their new stuffed animal or pillow by their side. If anything, this gift could serve the purpose of being a new decoration for their bed. Either way, this gift will be both funny and soft.

A Themed Gift Basket

If your loved one a theatre nerd, an avid movie lover, or in need of boys or girls night in? A themed gift basket may be a perfect holiday gift for your loved one. For an avid movie lover, a fun mug, packets of hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, popcorn, and their favorite comedy – or your Netflix subscription written on a card – may be a thoughtful arrangement of gifts for your loved one. For a girls night in, a bottle of wine, chocolate, a chick flick, and a new set of pajamas may do the trick.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you should start thinking of gift ideas for your loved ones now. With this list of ideas, surely you can find a gift that your loved one will deem both thoughtful and fun.