3 Non-Materialistic Gifts to Consider Giving Your Family This Year

Giving gifts during the holiday season can be a wonderful experience, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from materialistic gifts and take stock of what really matters to the people you care about. If you’re ready to change up your gift-giving habits this year, here are a few non-materialistic gifts to consider giving your family.

A Membership to a Local Institution

Local institutions in your community are likely hurting right now, and what better way to support them than by gifting your family a paid membership for the coming year? If your siblings have kids of their own, a membership to a local children’s center or museum could be an excellent gift to consider giving. Not sure what’s in their area that’s family-friendly? A quick Google search should provide a few good options for you. Considering there are almost 5.8 billion Google searches every day, it’s likely that other people are looking for similar gifts to give their loved ones. As another example, say a member of your family loves art. Investing in a paid membership to their local art museum could allow them to peruse their favorite pieces whenever they want to without worrying about paying an entry fee. The best part about these types of gifts is that you’re supporting a local organization or institution while allowing your loved ones to enjoy themselves without the need for a materialistic gift.

An Activity You Can Experience Together

If you and your family are big on things like cooking painting, or any other skill-based activities that you can do together as a group, this is the perfect experience-based gift to consider. If you like solving mysteries, then maybe a good old fashioned escape room experience could be fun! The longest escape room concept is almost three hours, but with your family of detectives, you’d be out in no time. And the best part is that when all of this is paid for in advance, there’s no excuse for anyone not to go enjoy themselves. If you’re into something a little less intense, a family cooking class or paint night could be fun too. The most important part of a gift like this is that you took the time to think about activities that your family loves and you made the effort to make sure everyone could be together to enjoy them.

A Getaway

While purchasing an all-expenses-paid vacation for your whole family might not be feasible, there’s nothing that says you can’t cover an Airbnb for a weekend for your whole family to stay in together. There are some pretty cool Airbnbs that could fit an entire family, too. Maybe you find a house made of 100% recycled materials for your eco-conscious family to stay in for a long weekend. Considering that almost 40% of steel is recycled, it might not be too tough. Or if your family loves the camping life, maybe a log cabin in the mountains is more your style. A gift like this can get everyone feeling like they’re back in the good old family vacation days when everyone was younger. You just might find that a gift like this can help everyone get some much-needed relaxation and come closer together as a family.

Giving the perfect gift to your family this holiday season doesn’t have to be about finding jewelry or expensive household items. When you gift a non-materialistic gift, you’re showing your family that your love goes beyond material items.